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Advance Analytics Capabilities

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1 Advance Analytics Capabilities

2 Analytics - Pillars & Offerings

3 Technology Spectrum

4 Verticals

5 Partnership’s & Strategic Alliance
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner IBM Software Value Net Partner – IS & COGNOS IBM Software Service Partner – IS & COGNOS IBM Partner World Program - Advanced Member IBM ASL Partner MAIA 1 Key Agile BI Services Partner SATVIK Solutions

6 Partnership’s & Strategic Alliance
- IBM Smart Analytics A tightly coupled hardware and software solution for Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Transforming information into business insight Analytics Software Business Intelligence Cubing Services Text Analytics & Data Mining Powerful Data Warehouse Warehousing Platform Advanced Workload Management System Automation Hardware & Services Flexible Server Platform Options Modular Storage Capacity Build, Deploy, Health Check and Premium Support Services 3x Faster - Workload optimized analytics run business intelligence 3x faster 50% less floor space Data compression reduces storage cost World record performance Available in days rather than months!

7 Partnership’s & Strategic Alliance
- Satvik Solutions SATVIK, a new age information management solution provider, offers consulting-led, integrated portfolio of Analytical solutions, delivered through its optimized Universal Network Delivery Model. Headquartered in San Francisco, we serve our customers across the globe through our strategically located regional offices at Dubai, Brussels and Bangalore. We provide offerings in the following segments: Analytics Platforms/Solutions Analytics Services Analytics System Integration Services PARTIAL CLIENT LIST

8 Analytics Methodology

9 Specialized Services - Data Visualization
Datamatics can build custom dashboards to provide immediate insights into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance. Interactive graphical visual interface, will enable critical insights and help in improving organizational performance. Online dashboard to displays KPIs and lets you drill down into data for in-depth analysis. Provide meaningful, visually intuitive and actionable dashboards. Filter results by variables if desired, and by volume. Wide variety of visualization options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits A single integrated environment to manage data from different core areas such  as sales, marketing, finance, HR, logistics, and distribution Adaptable to any data source

10 Specialized Services – Big Data

11 Introduction to Mobile BI
Specialized Services – BI On Mobile Introduction to Mobile BI Mobile BI provides- Instant access of Reports on user’s Blackberry/iPhone Smartphone and iPad Timely and relevant information Offline accessibility of Reports Leverages the same security features as that of a standard BI tool platform Just In Time decision making provides Competitive Advantage Hassel free deployment with instant business benefits Web Server BlackBerry Client REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE Mobile Service Provider BI Server BlackBerry Enterprise Server

12 Specialized Services - Mathematical & Statistical Modeling

13 Specialized Services - Mathematical & Statistical Modeling
Customer Satisfaction Index Social Influence Weight Campaign ROI

14 Pre Built Solutions & Frameworks
Allows financial analyst to focus on strategic analysis. User friendly self service reporting interface with prebuilt reports and dashboards. Improves decision making and increases planning capabilities. Scalable to a single, complete platform for Performance Management. CFO DASHBOARD Intelligent crawler for Sentiment Analysis across Social Media Networks. Adds insights from unstructured media sources for structured analysis needs. Provides manual categorization and cleaning of data into custom categories. Customizable dashboards with pre configured set of reports . SENTIPEDE Enables real time offers and customized promotions. Prompt understanding of customer behavior and loyalty at initial stage. Enhanced customer engagement by mapping products to customers. Provides customized dashboards for customer/product insights. INCSEL Enables customer segmentation and analytics for targeted promotions Reduces customer churn and improves loyalty Customer Life Time Value helps see the value that a customer brings to the company and group them accordingly enabling better decision making. Customer Analytics

15 Thank YOU 15

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