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1 Start the slide show by clicking on the "Slide Show" option in the below menu or – hit the F5 Key.

2 Online Recruiting System This presentation will take about 20 minutes. Click on your mouse to go to the next slide OR click on the green box at the bottom of each page. To go back a slide, click on the gray box. 2

3 Helpful Hints about the Online User’s website: 1)Do not use your browser's "Back", "Forward" or "Refresh" buttons to navigate the site. This may cause unexpected results, including loss of data or being logged out of the system. Please use the navigational buttons within the site. 2)To protect the security of your data, the system will log you out if it detects no activity for 60 minutes. This will cause ALL the data you entered during that session to be lost. Please do not leave your computer for more than 60 minutes while completing the posting process (unless required data is entered and you have saved). 3)Bookmark the User’s Website: Now, You’re Ready To Begin The Tutorial! 3

4 Type Kerberos Login here Click on the RHIT Workflow link to see the posting approval process. 4

5 This page is designed to help you keep track of the actions required by you or your department. You will perform actions by clicking on the links in the left navigation bar. Notice, under Welcome (with your name), it shows the current group you are working in – this is for anyone having multiple user authority, such as someone who is a Hiring Supervisor and a Department Head, Area Vice President, Budget, Sponsored Programs or Human Resources approver. Navigation Bar Current Group 5

6 In this instance, my current group is Human Resources. 6

7 Change User Type User types in our system are: Departmental Support, Hiring Supervisors, Department Heads, Area Vice Presidents, Finance VP & CAO, President, Budget, Human Resources, and Sponsored Programs. If your Department is filling a position and creating a posting, you may be logging in as Departmental Support or as a Hiring Supervisor. You will be able to create a posting and check the status of posting(s) in the approval process. As departmental support you may print off applicant documents or as Hiring Supervisor you may review applicants to your posting. You will want to check on the Welcome page to ensure your Current Group is Departmental Support or Hiring Supervisor. 7

8 If you are approving positions for your Department or areas of control, then you will want to ensure your current user type is Department Head, Area Vice President, Budget, Sponsored Programs, Finance VP and CAO, President, or Human Resources. 8

9 Check to see the Current Group. In this instance it is Hiring Supervisor; if you need to be an approver and not a Hiring Supervisor then click on Change User Type. 9

10 Click on radio button next to user type. Click Change Group. 10

11 Check again to see that you are in the correct group. 11

12 When you click on Pending Postings you will see posting(s) in the approval process. 12

13 When you click on Historical postings you will be able to view past positions that are now filled or canceled (as long as you created them initially). 13

14 When you have an Active Posting and you log in, it will show on the Welcome screen. Click on View under the title. 14

15 To create a position, you will click here To begin creating your posting, click on From Template. 15

16 Click on the drop down arrow and select the appropriate position title and then click on Search. You can also click on the drop down arrow by Department, click on your department and then click on Search. 16

17 By clicking on Assistant Professor in the previous Position title box this screen opened. Now click on Create under the job title. 17

18 This screen is where you will verify and complete all required data regarding your posting – most of it will be carried over from the template. You cannot save the posting if required information is not completed. This screen continues on the next 2 slides. 18

19 Data is typed directly into the boxes. Required data is noted by an asterisk. If you try to move to the next page and all required information is not completed you will receive an error message. 19

20 Notice the error message. 20

21 Missing required data is highlighted in a yellow box with a message. 21

22 When finished entering information on this screen, click the Continue to Next Section button. When all data is entered you may click on Continue to Next Page or you may click on any of the tabs at the top. If you save the posting and want to change it later you must click on Edit at the top of the screen. Once you have sent it to the next level you can no longer make changes; contact HR if you find further edits are needed. 22

23 After moving from the Posting Details screen, you may preview how your position will appear to applicants by clicking on Job Posting Preview. The Affirmative Action Information screen is used for recruitment sources to reach diverse applicant pools. 23

24 While much of the advertising is determined by HR to meet Affirmative Action Guidelines, there are boxes where you can indicate other recruitment sources for an ad to be placed. If it is a Faculty position, additional ads are actually placed by the department. 24

25 The ADA Information is pulled over from the template. 25

26 This screen is used for adding Search Committee members. Click on Add New Entry. 26

27 Type in the Committee member’s name and e-mail address. At the end of the name of the Chair, type Chair (i.e. Joe Smith, Chair). Click on Add Entry. 27

28 Notice you have the ability to edit or delete a member. You may continue to add new members by clicking Add New Entry. 28

29 You may choose to ask job related or qualifying questions of your applicants – this is one way to pre-screen applicants based on job or qualification requirements. Click on Add a Question. 29

30 You may type a keyword and click Search or just click Search and the system will bring back a list of questions. This list will grow as more users create questions. 30

31 If you find a question you want to ask click on View/Add. If not, click on Create Question. 31

32 If the question and possible responses are what you want, click on Add This Question; if not, click on Return to Search. 32

33 You may also add open ended questions and require either a short or long text response. Click on Add A Question. 33

34 Type your question in the text box and then Type in your question or statement. Click on the radio button next to Open Ended. Click on radio button next to Short or Long Text. Click Submit Question. 34

35 Here are the required posting specific questions as submitted – they will be asked of all applicants. 35

36 You have the ability to make a response disqualifying or to assign point values to questions. If you want “no” or “no response” to this question to disqualify applicants, place a check in the box. 36

37 If you want to assign point values, put the value of the response in the box under Score. This is another way to determine the most qualified applicants. When done, click Continue to Next Page or click a tab at the top. 37

38 If you have a Search Committee, you will want to Activate the Guest User - just click on that link. 38

39 The system will automatically assign a “User Name.” You will need to type in a password of your choosing. Write down the user name and password to give to the Committee Members. Guest Users have view access only. 39

40 You may enter comments on this screen for the next approver in line. Comments can be edited, but to do so, the posting would have to be returned to the Hiring Supervisor. Note, comments are not to be made with regard to applicants. 40

41 41 Do not use this page for notes. Notes are not editable and cannot be removed. You will see how the position has moved through the approval process. From this page click on Preview Posting or Continue to Next Page.

42 Click on Printer Friendly Version – scroll down to review all posting information. You can still make edits (click Edit at top of page). If satisfied, you may save or submit to: Sponsored Programs (grants), Next Level, or Area Vice President to get the posting in the approval process. Click the radio button you want, then click Continue. 42

43 You must click Confirm to save or submit your posting. Nearly every process in the Applicant Tracking System requires clicking the Confirm tab. 43

44 Viewing Applications and Other Applicant Documents 44

45 When there are multiple applicants, data can be sorted (ascending or descending order) by clicking on the arrow in a column. 45

46 To view applicant documents, click on View Faculty App or click on any of the links listed under Documents. The documents will load in pdf format. 46

47 The application and other attached documents can be printed by right clicking and selecting print. 47

48 Since applicant documents will be in pdf format, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you must click and install this FREE version. 48

49 The resume/vitae, cover letter and/or other submitted documentation will appear in a separate window. 49

50 Hiring Manager Review Under Review Every applicant has an active status that shows where they are in the hiring process. During the process you will change their status by clicking on Change Status. 50

51 Hiring Manager Review Affirmative Action Pool Review Applicant Pool Approved for Affirmative Action Interview Pending Interviewed Human ResourcesHiring Manager Hired Remaining applicants changed to Not Hired Information Sent (turndown) Recommended for Hire This is the current applicant status flow. 51

52 You can change Multiple applicant statuses by checking their box under All/None and then clicking on Change Multiple Applicant Statuses. Same with viewing multiple applications or documents. Click on box 52

53 The Status menu contains the Statuses you may move an applicant to. 53

54 All applicants that are to be interviewed must first be changed to Affirmative Action Pool Review ; HR will review the applicant pool for approval. At the time Faculty applicants have been approved you may contact them to schedule interviews. At the time staff applicants have been approved HR will contact them to schedule interviews. After interviewing change status to Interviewed. After selecting status you must click Continue to Confirm Page. 54

55 Click the Save Status Changes button to confirm your action. 55

56 All status changes are recorded in the applicant History/Notes under Date Applied and the date. Click on History/Notes. 56

57 All actions taken by the applicant or others, including status changes are recorded here. Note applicant attached cover letter on 9/6/07 at 14 11 48 CT. You may also add notes to the applicant’s History/Notes. For instance, if the applicant contacted you and indicated they wanted to withdraw from consideration you could type a note here, and then click Add Notes. 57

58 When a candidate has been selected, then change their status to Recommended for Hire. Click on Continue to Confirm Page. 58

59 Click on Save Status Changes. 59

60 Click on Hiring Proposal tab. 60

61 Complete the information in this form – especially candidate recommended for hire and salary offer amount. The posting will then be sent through the approval process again for the Authorize to Hire. Click on RHIT Workflow to review approval process for Authorize to Hire. 61

62 After offer has been approved/extended to candidate, HR changes status to Hired. The department will change the status of the remaining applicants to Not Hired with one of the reasons selected from the Choose Option Below box. Select one and then click on Continue to Confirm Page and then Save Status Changes. HR will change applicants to Not Hired Information Sent generating the turndown e-mail. 62

63 You have completed the session for People Admin’s Applicant Tracking System. Should you encounter any difficulties with the processes or the system, please contact Jean Prather at 8245 or Kim Miller at 8176 for assistance. 63

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