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Thank You Letter and Networking Letter Career Skills for the IT Professional.

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1 Thank You Letter and Networking Letter Career Skills for the IT Professional

2 Interview Follow-up Send a Thank You note  Manners are important!  Write and send within 24-48 hours of the interview.  Restate your interest/disinterest in the position.  Give thoughts in response to the interview. Can include added information to a question raised in the interview.  Reaffirm the next step.  The thank-you can be handwritten, typed, or emailed, but should be brief.  InterviewLetter.pdf

3 Networking Letter Purpose: Uncover hidden job opportunities by reaching out to others. Who do you send them to?  Friends, friends of friends  Relatives, friends of relatives  Former co-workers, associations ( civic and professional organizations )  Acquaintances from seminars or trade shows

4 Networking Letter Composing the letter:  Be friendly! The tone of the letter should be professional but casual.  To be effective include more than the fact that you are looking for a job. Include a summary of your strengths or a few examples of things you have done to benefit your employer(s).  Don’t complain or seek sympathy. Be concise.  Ask for leads or information

5 Networking Letter Paragraph One  Make the connection on how you know them.  Let them know that you are writing for assistance on a career decision, to gather information, etc. Paragraph Two  Briefly explain your situation.  State why you are writing.  Ask to meet with them without pressuring them. Paragraph Three  Let them know when you will be following up to see if you can schedule a meeting.  Thank them for their consideration.  Do not include your resume.

6 Informational Interview Request In an informational interview (which usually lasts 20-30 minutes), you are not asking for a job. Rather, you are asking for information about a particular field, type of position or company. In your letter, introduce yourself, say how you found the person’s name and briefly suggest what you would like to learn from her or him. Then say how you will follow up. Keep the ball in your court, because it allows you to be in touch whether or not you hear back.

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