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The Research Process Why Do Research?. Research is a process made up of many small steps. What Next? Steps in the Research Process 1. Define your research.

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1 The Research Process Why Do Research?

2 Research is a process made up of many small steps. What Next? Steps in the Research Process 1. Define your research needs 2. Develop a research strategy 3. Conduct searches for information 4. Evaluate the resources that you find 5. Incorporate and cite the information you use

3 Defining Your Research Needs Make sure that you understand your assignment. The next step in the process is defining what you need. Then distinguish between different types of resources to decide which to use.

4 Defining Your Research Needs What is Your Assignment? Instructors use words like argue, analyze, compare, or describe to guide your approach to a topic. For example, an assignment that asks you to argue requires you to take a position on an issue or idea and support your position with research. What do you have to do in your paper?

5 Defining Research Needs Which Library Resources? Books NCLIVE-Magazines Internet- Web Sites Newspapers

6 Defining Research Needs Books Books are important resources for Research Controversial topics are covered in these book series: At Issue Contemporary Issues Contemporary Issues Companion Current Controversies Opposing Viewpoints Series Use the Online Catalog to locate Books

7 Defining Research Needs Magazines Magazines or periodicals supply helpful information about general interest issues and current events. Use NCLive to locate magazine and newspaper articles.

8 Defining Research Needs NCLIVE NCLIVE is a group of databases that provide access to articles from over 9,000 newspapers, journals, magazines and encyclopedias, indexing for over 20,000 periodical titles and access to over 22, 000 electronic booksdatabases It is a great source for your paper and for your other class assignments.

9 Defining Research Needs The World Wide Web Web sites are useful for researching cutting- edge issues. Pro: Web sites provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics. Con: Because anyone can publish anything on the web, web site information is frequently inaccurate or biased, and sometimes outdated..

10 2.Developing a Research Strategy Defining Your Topic Crime and Law Discrimination Drugs and Drug Abuse Education Environment Health History Media and Communications Political Issues Popular Culture Psychology Religion Social Issues Technology Women's Issues Ideas from Faculty Ideas from

11 Developing a Research Strategy Break down the main concept into smaller concepts and think of keywords. If your topic is “Does watching TV cause violence?”, break down your idea into at least two concepts. CONCEPT 1  Media CONCEPT 2  Violence

12 Developing a Research Strategy Think of Synonyms Often, there is more than one word that you can use to search for your topic CONCEPT 1 - media Synonyms - television, mass media movies, mass communications CONCEPT 2 - violence  Synonyms - riots, aggression, violent behavior

13 3. Conducting Searches for Information Next, form a Boolean search with your terms, or keywords. There are three Boolean operators, and, or, and not. Boolean operators are used to construct complex searches in a database. They help make a search more accurate.

14 Conducting Searches for Information Boolean Searching Examples: Television and violence Media and violence Violence and mass media Advertising and violence and Rap music and violence Or children and violence and effects You may have to try many combinations to find the results that you need; you do not need to capitalize Media Violence Media and Violence

15 Conducting Searches for Information Note!!! Important!!! Do not search using long phrases such as, “How does advertising cause violence” Should cell phones be banned while driving? Does rap music effect the behavior of teenagers in America? REMEMBER --- Use KEYWORDS and combine them using - AND -

16 Conducting Searches for Information First, Search the Online Catalog for Books Same process—break into concepts and keywords CATALOG Search—television and violence Next try- media and violence Try series – Opposing Viewpoints Web-based catalog,Web-based catalog Call numbers Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

17 Conducting Searches for Information Library Web Pages Library Web Pages Check Finding Your Way Around the Library and Using the Library to do Research for tips This Powerpoint Presentation is located under Using the Library to do Research for future reference Using the Library to do Research Explore library web pages for further information

18 Conducting Searches for Information Now we are switching from books to periodicals – magazines / newspapers NC LIVE - Steps: NC LIVE Type in keyword, or keywords Pick a Database Click on Full text Scan articles for relevance to topic Pull up article Print or e-mail to yourself Use information to cite

19 Conducting Searches for Information NCLive – CQ Researcher Online NCLive We will look at another database Click on Browse Resources Click on Business Click on CQ Researcher Online Put in search words Click on article that looks good Click on Pro/Con

20 Conducting Searches for Information The World Wide Web Now we are switching from magazines to the Internet Fine to use Google Too much information – need to evaluate Search gun control Evaluate results

21 Evaluating Websites Authority—Who provided the information? Who sponsors this website? Currency—Is there a date on the page? Is it recent enough to be relevant? Bias—Does this website have a point of view? Is it designed to influence your opinion?

22 Citing Sources The is available as a tool to assist you with your Always check with your instructor for instructions on the proper format to use.

23 Conclusion EVALUATION!!! Of NCLive to InternetNCLiveInternet NCLive is authoritative and accurate Internet sources must be evaluated PASSWORDS Tip Sheet Please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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