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Welcome to Honors Biology Mrs. Galoob 2013-14

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1 Welcome to Honors Biology Mrs. Galoob 2013-14

2 The History of Mrs. Galoob Teaching at SKHS since 2008 National Board Certification 2013 Taught at BRMS, SK Jr. High, on the Navaho reservation in Leupp, Arizona Oregon State University –Masters in Arts and Teaching –Bachelors of Science in Biology Grew up in Norman Oklahoma

3 Mrs. Galoob’s website : I have a website that is linked to the schools website (, from this site you should click on my name from the high school staff list. For some topics I will post the class notes and information about major assignments such as lab reports.

4 Biology Course Themes –Ecosystems Energy flow and the transfer of materials in an ecosystem Human impact on ecosystems Global climate change Relationships among organisms –Characteristics of life Basic biochemistry Cell structure and function Unicellular and multi-cellular organisms Cell reproduction Photosynthesis and cellular respiration Homeostasis in the human body –Genetics DNA replication and coding for specific proteins Mutation Reproduction in terms of genetic probability Natural selection/ evolution

5 Course Activities Students will conduct labs including their design, use of lab equipment, data collection, and communicating results Working cooperatively in groups with peers Demonstrate knowledge of how historical events have impacted modern scientific knowledge Discuss in a informed way current bioethical issues Describe the application of the relationships between form & function and cause & effect. Demonstrate knowledge about the characteristics of life and relationships among organisms Explore genetic probability. Demonstrate knowledge about cellular processes in relation to: heredity, transport, energy transfers, cellular reproduction

6 Lab Reports for the Portfolio: Student Learning Expectation (SLE) A1: All students will demonstrate critical thinking by acquiring and analyzing information, employing effective research skills and using logic in problem solving. Two lab reports (2 courses) Scan graded report and rubric into Richer Picture Online software program.

7 Lab Reports Quarter 1: Biochemistry –Enzyme activity Quarter 2: To be determined? Quarter 3: Cellular Processes – Osmosis Lab with dialysis tubing Quarter 4:Ecology –Owl Pellet lab analyzing energy flow in an ecosystem Common Course Assessment – lab practical

8 Lab Report Rubric Proficiency Requirements A proficient lab report must: 1. Demonstrate that the student understands the nature of science and the scientific process 2. Demonstrate that the student understands the applicable GSE's and other content and concepts presented and analyzed in the experiment. 3. Demonstrate the student's ability to analyze their data and use their data to draw conclusions relative to the validity of their hypothesis.

9 Expectations for Students Attendance! Attitude! Effort! Be on time and prepared for class. On the due date of an assignment students should bring to class their work in a completed format. All submitted assignments are the work of only the student making the submission. Be courteous to others, use respectful language. Always follow lab safety rules as specified in the safety contract. Cell phones, Ipod, “I”anything, and MP3 players are not allowed and will be confiscated to be handed over to an administrator. Any communication with persons outside school should be done through the SKHS office.

10 Absences : Students must get missed work if absent Students should plan on staying after school for extra help Students need to make up test and quizzes in a timely manner

11 Materials Students have been issued a textbook: Prentice Hall Biology. In class every day students will need: agenda a pen or pencil, Binder (1 inch or smaller) to keep notes, handouts, lab data, graded work, etc. Textbook All quizzes and tests will be based on the notes and activities done in class. If you have good notes and keep graded assignments to review before quizzes and tests you will be prepared. There will be semester exams to review for, therefore I strongly suggest keeping a binder of all materials in order to review.

12 Grading Grades will be calculated based on a point system. Points earned in a quarter will be divided by the total points possible to arrive at a percentage : 100-90% = A, 89-80=B, 79-70= C, 69-60=D, below 60 = F. Homework: 5-10 points. Full credit is given for homework completed and on time. Students are expected to make corrections to their work when we go over it as a class. Late and incomplete homework is not accepted. You are expected to complete homework when absent as described above in “expectations”. Class work, small labs, and Quizzes: 10-50 points Tests/ Projects/ Full Lab Reports: 50-100 points Rubrics with detailed instructions will be given with all projects and lab reports.

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