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Instructor: Colleen Malone Office Hours: By appointment Address: Web Page: Telephone:

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2 Instructor: Colleen Malone Office Hours: By appointment E-mail Address: Web Page: Telephone: 498-3676 ext. 1307

3 Who is Mrs. Malone? Academics: Texas A&M University Bachelor ’ s of Science-Marine biology UCSB Teaching Credential / Master ’ s in Education

4 Who is Mrs. Malone? Careers: Texas A&M Health Science Center UCLA Amgen Newbury Park High School

5 Who is Mrs. Malone? Classes: Biology-H Biology-CP Marine Science-CP Biotechnology-CP

6 The first sub-term will focus on the unifying themes of life. There will be a lot of new terms, concepts and labs so attendance is very important. Inorganic Chemistry Review Biochemistry Cells & Cell Division Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration SUBTERM 1: UNITS OF INSTRUCTION

7 Molecular Structure & Function of DNA Genetics & Heredity Evolution SUBTERM 2: UNITS OF INSTRUCTION

8 HOMEWORK10% CLASSWORK/LABS 35% TESTS & QUIZZES 55% *Late work will only be accepted 2 times throughout the course (June). GRADES: Category Weights HOMEWORK10% CLASSWORK30% TESTS & QUIZZES 45% COMPREHENSIVE FINAL 15% SUBTERM 1SUBTERM 2

9 Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Even if there isn’t any written homework, time should be spent each night reviewing the work of the day & the past week.

10 I do not offer extra credit. Course grades will be determined by percent weights in 3 or 4 categories. Final grades will be based on the following percentages: 93 - 100A73 - 77C 89 - 92A-69 - 72C- 88 B+68 D+ 83 - 87B63 - 67D 79 - 82B-59 - 62D- 78 C+0 - 58F NO EXTRA CREDIT Need a “B-” or better to stay in the honors science track.

11 Reading scientific papers Writing scientific papers Organization Meeting deadlines Following directions Critical thinking Presenting data in public

12 My Website

13 What Can You Do At Home To Help? Have students do homework before social time/ computer time Encourage study sessions E-mail/Call me with questions and/or concerns

14 Any classroom donations would be appreciated! Thank you! Latex gloves Kleenex Reams of paper Baggies Flat toothpicks Colored pencils or pens Glue sticks

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