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Australia and Oceania.

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1 Australia and Oceania

2 Purpose Games Australia Political Map Quiz Australia Physical Map Quiz

3 The Land Down Under Australia is a continent below China in the Pacific Ocean It is a member of the British Commonwealth Population: 21,575, 341 (2013) It is an island country

4 Size and Settlement Australia is almost as big as the U.S. (excluding Alaska) and 2 times bigger than Europe! Australia was settled by Aboriginal tribes Later under British control they put convicts on the islands when their prisons were full

5 Physical Geography Most people live near the coastline
Mot of the interior is desert The Great Barrier Reef: The world largest coral reef – over 132,000 miles

6 Mountains Mt. Kosciuszko is the highest peak in Australia
The most famous terrain is Uluru. A large sandstone rock formation

7 Murray River Australia’s longest river beginning in the Australian Alps and running to the Southeastern corner of the country

8 Major Cities Canberra: Capital of Australia
Sydney: Contains 20% of Australia’s population, 4.5 million people Home to the Sydney Opera House Melbourne: Second largest city in Australia ; ranks among the most livable cities in the world

9 Australia’s Past Folklore Read the assignment quietly please

10 Australia today Government Australia by the numbers
A federal parliamentary bi cameral system (two parts) with a Prime Minister as an executive power House Senate Officially part of the British Commonwealth What is a commonwealth? 25% Roman Catholic 4th highest life expectancy 1606: Year found by Europeans

11 Australia Quiz Two day notice –
Quiz will be on all information related to Australia we have learned

12 Boomerangs Read the article silently please and complete the requirements in full.

13 Animals of Australia Echidna: Platypus: Sugar Gliders:

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