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1 Africa

2 Background Historical Issues in Africa? European Imperialism
Kingdoms Slave Trade European Imperialism Berlin Conference Pan-African movement Ignored

3 Why did Europeans give up their colonies after WWII?
Too Expensive Nationalist Movements emerge Moral Issue


5 What were challenges to unity in newly formed independent African states?
How “Nations” had been formed Ethnic Rivalries Different Languages Different Religions Different Traditions Most peoples first loyalty is to tribe

6 How and why did dictators gain power in many newly formed independent African states?
Many heroes of independence movements create one party dictatorships Claim multi-party government hurts unity Eventually become repressive If civil unrest comes, military leaders seize power in a coup d'état and create new dictatorship

7 How and why did some African states move towards democracy in the 1990s?
Western governments and World Bank refuse to loan money if no democracy

8 In what ways are Western Nations (USA, Europe) still involved in control of Africa today?
Still control much of economy Neo-colonization=geopolitical practice of using capitalism, business globalization, and cultural imperialism to influence a country

9 Issues in Africa Today Hunger Disease Population Concerns
Economic Issues Brain Drain Natural Disasters Child Labor/ Slavery/ Child Soldiers Environmental Issues Civil War Genocide

10 Describe the relationship between food requirements and deliveries in Africa

11 Compare and Contrast Africa and America today.
USA million Africans face starvation -Over 1 million die from famine per year -In East Africa, roughly 15 million face famine -Nutrition levels have decreased 30% in the past 30 years -In 2003, 2 million tons of food relief was delivered -In 20 years, AIDS has killed 9 million farm workers -In some areas 30% of the population has AIDS -US is the most overweight country in world -15% of American kids are overweight, and rising -$117 Billion was spent on obesity related illness -$1 Billion was spent on weight loss drugs -2/3 of Americans are overweight -Only 20% of kids exercise today compared to 80% in the 1960’s -Many schools have snack and soda machines -AIDS affects 1% of US population

12 Analyze the pie graphs given on diseases.

13 Leading causes of death (2014)

14 What is the political cartoon about the Wave saying
What is the political cartoon about the Wave saying. What has happened to life expectancy in many African nations? Why?


16 Overpopulation

17 How has African debt changed over the last twenty years?

18 Brain Drain Situation in which many educated or professional people leave a particular place or profession and move to another one that gives them better pay or living conditions


20 Crime: Slavery/ Child Labor

21 Other Issues: Deforestation Oil and Pollution

22 Civil War

23 Sudan

24 Sudan Crisis 2003-P Janjaweed Black Africans Muslims Beginnings:
Arab Muslim militia Tribesman/Nomads Black Africans Muslims Victims of the janjaweed Farmers Beginnings: Black Africans wanted political power Economic equality, neglected Janjaweed used by gov.t’ to expel And combat Black Africans rebels

25 -Majority fled to neighboring Chad -2.7 million displaced
Refugee Camps -Majority fled to neighboring Chad -2.7 million displaced -Problems: food, water, unsanitary

26 What are some similarities and differences between Rwanda and Sudan?

27 Why have some countries resisted helping Sudan?

28 China and Russia (P5SC) blocked UN Resolutions
China is Sudan’s chief diplomatic ally Invests in Oil Sudan’s military is supplied by Chinese made weapaons Russia =investment partner/political ally





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