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A Curriculum for Excellence Holyrood R. C. Sec

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1 A Curriculum for Excellence Holyrood R. C. Sec
A Curriculum for Excellence Holyrood R.C. Sec. School Glasgow Parent Forum Seminar November 2011

2 The world our kids are going to live in is changing four times faster than our schools Dr Willard Daggert Director of International Centre for Leadership and Education

3 ‘80% of the jobs that current Primary 1 pupils will do, do not exist yet’
BT Futurologist 2005

4 ‘By the age of 16, the average adult in the UK will have done 75% of the writing they will do in their lifetime’

5 Nummela and Caine; Making Connections
One of the only places operating largely as it did more than 50 years ago would be the local school Nummela and Caine; Making Connections

6 Has School Changed ? Holyrood 1979

7 “Curriculum for Excellence allows for both professional autonomy and responsibility when planning and delivering the curriculum. . . The framework provides flexibility ….Such flexibility will result in a more varied pattern of curriculum structures to reflect local needs and circumstances.” Building the Curriculum 3 pp11-12

8 Moving from this.. to…

9 To The 4 Capacities Confident Individuals Successful Learners
Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors

10 … to one that recognises the S1-S3 learner as the centre of coherent and complimentary activity.
Literacy & language Numeracy The 4 capacities Health & Well Being Science & Technology Social Sciences ID Learning Exp Arts

FAQ – What it’s all about ? Answer – Page 13 !

12 Values Assessment, qualifications (NEW)
The curriculum: all that we plan for children and young people’s learning Effective teaching and active, sustained learning Values Wisdom, justice, Compassion, integrity Entitlements Including broad general education; Senior phase; Skills for learning, for life and for work Experiences and outcomes ( I can / I am able to) 8 curriculum areas Assessment, qualifications (NEW) Principles Challenge and enjoyment Breadth Progression Depth Personalisation and choice Coherence Relevance Support for learning through choices and changes into positive and sustained destinations

13 A Broad General Education S1 – S3
“A broad general education will include all of the experiences and outcomes across all the curriculum areas to and including the third level. These should be experienced by all pupils, as far as this is consistent with their learning needs and prior achievements. Most learners will progress into the fourth level in many aspects of their learning before the end of S3, laying strong foundations for more specialised learning and qualifications.” n.b. 4th level = SCQF4 = general level Building the Curriculum 3 pp 14-15

14 A Broad General Education
“ The period of time spanned by a level will generally be at least two years. The experiences and outcomes are designed to raise the bar of achievement and it is important that staff interpret them in the most aspirational way: (they).. Must not create artificial ceilings. (they) .. Will lead to young people reaching by the end of S3 a level of attainment and achievement deeper and more secure than at present.” Building the Curriculum 3 Page 24

15 A Broad General Education
“ The scope offered by the 3 years S1-S3 should be used by schools to plan for coherent programmes which minimise fragmentation, for example by using small teams of teachers working together to cover curriculum areas, each contributing as appropriate from their specialism and by a collaborative approach to planning which enables young people to make connections between different areas of their learning.” Building the Curriculum 3

16 A Broad General Education (IDL)
“ By providing motivating contexts interdisciplinary learning can provide access to particular curriculum areas for young people who might not otherwise be motivated by an aspect of learning. “ IDL can provide opportunities to extend and deepen understanding.” Building the Curriculum 3

17 A Broad General Education .. Senior Phase
“The senior phase of young people’s education follows their broad general education ,which takes them to the end of S3 or equivalent.The senior phase can be characterised as that which takes place in the final stages of compulsory education and beyond, normally around age 15-18”

18 Broad General Education
Some key points : Broad General Education Primary / secondary transition – curriculum Schools need evidence that all Es and Os are covered in BGE The nature / purpose of S3 – the end of BGE or beginning of Senior Phase ? The end of the ‘middle school’ phase S3 as transition to Senior Phase.

19 Some key points : Delivering BGE and incorporating Personalisation & choice for transition to Senior Phase and qualifications – When ? GCC – not before end of S3

20 Some key points : The Senior Phase
A distinct senior phase will follow BGE The CfE principles and entitlements still apply to the senior phase Articulation with the new Qualification framework National 3 (Access) National 4 ( General/Int1) National 5 (credit / Int2) National 6 ( Higher) National 7 (Adv Higher).

21 Curriculum Planning CfE
Number of subjects in Senior Phase ? ( S4 – S6) Depth of learning not just number of subjects. Flexible pathways for learners S4 Presentations – for some only ? Qualifications reflect rather than drive curriculum. External partnerships / other qualifications

22 Holyrood R.C. Sec School High Level Curriculum Map P5 – Senior (DRAFT)

23 Transition to Higher / Further Education.
Learning experiences Will benchmark move to 6 Highers ? The myth of the ‘2 year’ higher Evidence of breadth – 5/6 Highers plus 2/ 3 National 5s ? Relevance of wider achievement to all faculties Advanced Highers / Bac – the new standard ?

24 Key Questions – Parents
Understanding of CfE Personalisation for S3 Choice for S4 – 7 subjects / more time Not common S4 – S6 timetable ( 5/6 subjects) 4. English but not maths compulsory S4 5. Exams in S4 only for leavers. 6. Retain 5 subjects in S5.

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