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3 Lock iPAD : Press the Sleep/Wake Button Unlock iPAD : Press the Home Button Turn iPAD Off : Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, then swipe Turn iPAD On : Hold down the Sleep/Wake button Set the Auto-Lock time : In Settings go to General> Auto-Lock> minutes Set a Passcode : In Settings go to General>Passcode Lock Sleep Mode : Press the Power Button one time Cold Re-boot: Hold Home and Power Buttons together until the Apple shows up

4 HOW TO CREATE AN APPLE ID Go to Settings > Store > Sign in

5 Choose Create New Apple ID (Fill in the screens by follow prompts)

6 Once you create your ID you will be logged in. This is where you’ll see what APPLE ID you are logged in with

7 GENERAL SCREEN The highlighted section is where you will configure wi-fi. NOTE: This is where you need to go to change to KRCSSTUDENT or KRCSSTAFF for using Apple TV This screen will come up once you touch the settings icon on your main screen. All of the settings icons on the left will be used to configure all of the basic options on the iPad.

8 WIFI/WIRELESS CONFIGURATION wi-fi This is the next line you will touch to get into the wi-fi settings. Here you will see the available wireless. Click on one to connect.

9 ICLOUD iCloud is the Apple backup for your Apple ID Under this feature you also have Find My iPAD This feature allows you to go to search and find your iPAD using this website This is already turned on for you.

10 SETTING UP EMAIL These are the three screens you will go through to setup KRCS email – Outlook Live mail, contacts, calendars add account Touch the mail, contacts, calendars. Then add account. account Then fill out account with your email address. Fill in the information – email (your email address), server (, Domain (, username (your email address), password (your password), description (ex.kingsridgecs)

11 CONT. SETTING UP EMAIL – NOT OUTLOOK LIVE You will fill out with your email address, server (, domain (, username, your password.

12 SETTING UP ADDITIONAL EMAILS Touch add account, as seen on previous slide, then choose the email account you want to setup from the list. Then fill out your information. And follow through to the end.

13 APPLE ID Under the Store icon in settings you will find your apple ID. Here is where you can check to see if you are logged in under your ID.

14 QUICK ACCESS TO ROTATION LOCK, VOLUME, BRIGHTNESS home button 1.Double click the home button at the bottom of the iPad – 2.Swipe to the right you will see this option. 3.This will allow you to quickly adjust your volume, brightness, lock your rotation. 4.If there is an APPLE TV in a room you will see an “up arrow” that will allow you to connect to a projector.

15 MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN Use your fingers to pinch, swipe, tap, and double –tap  Return to Home: pinch 4 to 5 fingers together  Reveal Multitasking Bar: swipe 4 to 5 fingers up  Switch Apps: swipe 4 to 5 fingers left or right  Swipe one finger down from top to see Calendar Turn Multitasking on or off: Settings >General> Multitasking Gestures; tap On or Off

16 ODDS AND ENDS Force an App to Close  Double Click the home button (views most recently opened apps)  Touch and hold the app icon until it “jiggles”  Press the red negative (-) sign File/Organize Apps  Touch and hold an app until it “jiggles”  Drag it on top of a similar category app and drop it  A menu will appear that will auto categorize with a name. Accept the name or change it, and then a folder is made. Delete an app  Touch and hold an app until it “jiggles”  Press the X Search the iPAD  Press the Home Button > Start typing in the search feature  You can set which apps are searched by going to Settings>General>Spotlight Alternate Keyboards  Go to Settings>Keyboards

17 CONNECTING TO APPLE TV Need to be logged into KRCSStudent  Settings>Wi-Fi  Double click your home button  Press on the Up Arrow  Choose the Apple that corresponds to the room

18 COPYING AND PASTING  Touch and hold to bring up the magnifying glass, choose Copy or Select ALL  Past Text: Tap the insertion point, then tap Taste to insert  Let’s practice copying from an email and pasting into Notes PRINTING  AirPrint – iPADs will print to an AirPrint-enabled printer. The iPAD will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPAD.  We don’t have AirPrinters at school (but you may at home)  To Print at School we need to use an APP (we will cover that in a minute)

19 PRINTING Emails:  Must copy and then open PrintnShare Pro  If you have an AirPrinter at home no copying is needed, just print Documents  Depends largely on the App you are using  Generally you will use PrintnShare Pro (see next slides on how to use that App).

20 HOW TO USE PRINTNSHARE PRO  Print n Share Pro allows printing to ALL Network printers.  Print direct to most Wi-Fi/Wireless printers without extra software.  Allows you to use your GMAIL to print from Google Cloud Print Download the App by clicking on the link from within previous email notification from IT

21 Look at the bottom of the screen for the App choices Use Clipboard when you have copied email information When you think you’ll be printing from the internet, open the Web from within PrintnShare Pro You can also open up Photo Gallery and print photos Files from HD Office can be printed too


23 HOW TO USE THE QUICKOFFICE APP The QuickOffice Pro HD APP is a powerful office editing suite, PDF viewer, and file manager that will allow you to upload files, from the network or your home computer. Download the App by clicking on the link from within previous email notification from IT

24 Once you open the APP you will see a URL address. Type that address into the URL on your laptop

25 1. Click Upload File 2. Click Add File 3. Find your file, Click Open, then Click Upload

26 You can create folders for organization Click here to create a Microsoft file You can add links to your Cloud storage

27 PUFFIN Browser that has Flash capabilities Allows you to use a mouse pad for more precision


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