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By JOHN FECKO (Not the song by One Direction)

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1 By JOHN FECKO (Not the song by One Direction)
The story of my life By JOHN FECKO (Not the song by One Direction)

2 Chapter 1 My Early life
I was born at Arnold Palmer Hospital. On June 19th 2003 and my parents named me John Bernard Fecko. The name John means the grace or mercy of the lord. That same day that I was born the comic strip Garfield was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, and the first fathers day was on June 19th . On my first birthday I got a black and white beagle and his name was Snoopy. He also had a brother that my dad got for my mom a couple years earlier. Those dogs were both a big part of my life. I started playing soccer when I was only 5 years old and it was another big part of my life. The first school I went to was Patriot Elementary. I was a fan of Orlando City Lions, Orlando Magic, and Miami Dolphins.

3 Chapter 2  My Family  My family has never really been a special family we were just your average family mom and dad have a sturdy job. In my house it is me, my brother, my mom, my dad, and my dogs. My mom and my dad are both very nice but can be very strict at some times. My dad is so much fun, he was the one that got me into Doctor Who, he is the one that gave me my love for football (American and British), and he is the one that got me into video gaming. My mom on the other hand was also pretty fun but she was that got me into anime. My little brother is SO annoying the only impact he had on my life was giving me head aches. On good days my family doesn’t do much so I don’t get bothered much.

4 Chapter 3  Memorable Events
When I was 7 my first dog Rocky passed away and he died on a night that I had a soccer game so from that moment on I swore that I would never stop playing soccer so I can always remember him. After his death things were pretty hard for me, I got super mad easily, I got head aches, and this guy Phillip Phillips came out with this song called Gone Gone Gone and it was about staying with the ones you love. So I hated that song more than anything else because it literally came out the day after he died. A couple years later at my 10th birthday party my other dog Snoopy passed away and it was even harder for me because he was my 1st birthday present. So I was so upset about it but then I learned that it’s the circle of life. Then a few weeks later we moved up to Oviedo. I went through my 5th grade year up here and at the beginning of my 6th grade year I got a new puppy and his name is Linus.

5 Chapter 4  Later Life When I was 7 I went to Patriot Elementary and that was when I got my first girlfriend and her name was Madeline. She was a very nice person and she respected everyone. But then the last day of school I had to break up with her because I was moving over the summer. When I moved up here I made a best friend very fast and his name is Reef. Me and him met our community pool and the day we met he came over to my house to hang out. During my fifth grade year I went to Evans Elementary and I had a crush on this girl Emmy. I tried to ask her out a couple times but she always said no. When I first started my 6th grade year my dad got us a new dog and since I am a naturalist I loved him. When we walked into the house we saw him there in my dad’s lap and when he let go of him, out of everyone else there the dog went for me. Then my dad told me his name is Linus. The other things going on was that I was making a lot of friends and I have a secret crush.

6 Chapter 5 Description of me now
I am the type of person who is very geeky and sporty. I love getting in touch with nature and animals. I am a very flirty person. I always treat everyone the same. I love playing sports like soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. I go to the YMCA every couple days. I go to Jackson Heights Middle School. I try to connect to nature as much as possible. I am a very friendly person and that is why I have so many friends. One the biggest things in my life is how much I video game.


8 Chapter 6 Likes and dislikes
I have a lot of likes and some dislikes. My favorite TV show is The Simpsons and my least favorite show is Pretty Little Liars. My favorite video game is Mortal Combat vs Dc Nation and my least favorite video game is Battle Field 3. My favorite food is pizza and my least favorite food is PICKLES!!! My favorite type of person is a person who will be nice to you when they first meet you and there isn’t really a type of person that I dislike. My favorite type of teacher is one that is always nice and I don’t have a least favorite. My favorite NFL team is the Falcons and I hate the Jets along with the Patriots ,but since the Jets stink I only have to hate the Patriots. My favorite baseball team is the Red Sox and my least favorite team is the Yankees. My favorite college football team is the UCF KNIGHTS and I hate the Gamecocks. My favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics and I don’t like the Las Angeles Lakers.

9 Chapter 7 Feelings My feelings for sports, I love them, they are one of the biggest things in my life. My feelings for the Superbowl, Seattle all the way, cause who likes cheaters or even Bill Belichick. My feelings on Belichick’s punishment, easy he should be suspended from the Superbowl, and they should lose 5 NFL drafts. What are my feelings for music!? I know, love music, I love trumpet, clarinet, flute, tuba, all things musical. My feelings on my friends, well when I make friends I usually keep them and I only make friends with the nicest people I meet.

10 Chapter 8  hobbies My hobbies are manly sports related but I also play games. My favorite sport is soccer in which I play goalie. My favorite sport to watch is football and my favorite player is Ryan Tannehill. When I am bored I like to watch YouTube or Doctor Who. When me and my friends hangout we usually play basketball.

11 Chapter 9 Others There are a lot of special people in my life that I care so dearly about. The most important people in my life are my parents and the rest of my family. Even though I may say that they are annoying or they bother me I still love them. Some of the most important things in my life aren’t people they are my dogs, they shaped me to be this guy that I am right now. Now let’s get to my friends. I love my friends and what they are able to do for me. Thanks to my friends they have helped me work up the courage to ask a girl to be my girlfriend. The reasons I even have friends is so I can have people to with that like the same things that I like.

12 Chapter 10 future plans
In my near future I plan to go to Oviedo High school, be in marching band, and graduate with a scholarship to UCF. When I go UCF I plan to march almost every year except for one which would be my final one where I would play soccer. When I graduate I plan to work as a professional soccer player for the Orlando City Lions. I will graduate with a girlfriend who I will ask to marry me in a couple years. Once I marry her we will have 2 kids . I will finally retire when I either score a game winning goal after at least 5 years or when I reach 40.

13 The end!!!

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