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That Hispanic Dude By Jonathan Almendarez. Table of contents CH1.My name CH2. Life in Hagerstown CH3. The Big Game CH4. My Brother CH5. Good and Bad times.

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1 That Hispanic Dude By Jonathan Almendarez

2 Table of contents CH1.My name CH2. Life in Hagerstown CH3. The Big Game CH4. My Brother CH5. Good and Bad times at school

3 My name My name is extremely long it’s a total of 25 letters. My name is Jonathan Donovan Almendarez it is a pretty long name. I like my name because it suits me as a person; well it suits me as myself. People have a tough time pronouncing my last name which is Almendarez it is a Mexican last name I got from my father. I'm proud of my last and but I wish people would say it more correctly. My middle name is Donovan which is Irish. I got that name from my mom. My first name is Jonathan which my mom picked. I’m glad my mom didn’t call me any other name but Jonathan. If she didn’t I probably be upset cause my name is who I am and I am a enigma. My name means manliness, generosity, and unselfishness.

4 Life in Hagerstown Hagerstown is a town which I live in right now it’s a moderate place it has ok places to hang at. There really isn't much to do here unless your outside hanging at the park or somewhere else outside. I live in saint James which is right behind the food lion near south high. I go to church every Saturday, I go to church at St.Josephs near the valley mall. I go to Sunday school, I am to be confirmed this year which means I will be a adult in the church. I go to South Hagerstown high school, I play soccer for the rebels at south. I wish to make varsity this as a starting defender which is going to be a challenge because I have five other people trying to get to those four open spots it will be challenging to get to that spot. I'm currently 16 years old.

5 The Big Game The biggest game for South is when we play our rivals, North High Hubs. Every time we play them there is a full crowd in the stands. I played them at least twice once in freshman year and once sophomore year. They are a bad team they suck at every sport they play. When we played them my sophomore year we won 2 to 1. That was my favorite game so far because we won and we beat them at their own turf their home field of North High. It was the best game ever, in the first half we had one goal and so did north. At the last 10 minutes one of our offensive players scored. We were in the lead and North was pressured by it and they were trying to score. They were trying to tackle their way to a goal and win. We came back and took the ball and were trying to score. Then in the last minute and they have the ball they were running down the field. I was sprinting after them. I caught up with them and took the ball and kicked it out to stop them and then the ref blew the whistle and the game was over. South had won.

6 My Brother There is one person whose always supportive of me even when I get in trouble its my brother Matthew Almendarez. He is the coolest guy I know, he is 20 years old right now. He plays sports like me he was the big man at South High when he want to school here now he's graduated and goes to college at Saint Francis University. He is going there for 7 years, right now he is on his 3 year at SFU. When he was at South he played Football, Basketball, and Track and Field. Now I go to South I am always in his shadow. The reason why is because the older people that knew him gave me nicknames like Little Matt or Little Almendarez. I'm ok with it but I would like to be called Jonathan. My brother knows what to say at the right time and he is overprotective of me for some reason I don’t know why. He is a big guy and he has a lot of respect I wish I can have that respect too.

7 Good and bad times at school Well I have had good and bad times at all the schools I've been too. I have had lunch detentions to afterschool detentions. I have never gotten a referral. The reason why is because of my brother, he had a good reputation at south. I have has some good times at the schools I was at. By good times I mean hanging with friends and getting somewhat of good grades. I have a reputation with teachers by being a trouble maker. They think I'm a trouble maker well I don’t care that much. I am now a south high student and I don’t get in trouble as much as I used to when I was younger. The reason why is because I have grown up.

8 Behind a Shadow I often compared to my brother because he is such a success. Well he gets good grades, he goes to college at a St.Francis university. The one thing I hate the most is being compared to him. I do like brother because me and him get along. Everybody compares me to him, his friends, old teachers, and coaches when he played sports. There like why can’t you be like Matt? The only thing I say is that I'm me and I will always be me. I want everybody to remember that because I will leave south and make something of my life because that’s the Almendarez way. I want to become a soccer player for the MLS or I will become a federal agent and the reason why is because I want to help people. So I will leave the shadow and make something of myself.

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