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The Judicial Branch November 10, 2014 Standard: SS8CG4

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1 The Judicial Branch November 10, 2014 Standard: SS8CG4
The student will analyze the role of the judicial Branch in Georgia state government.

2 The Judicial Branch The Judicial branch of our state government consists of the state’s ______ Their job is to ________ the state ______________, protect the _______ rights of the citizens, and enforce the ______ of the state

3 Interpreting Laws/Ensuring Justice
Courts enforce ______________ laws, ___________ laws (those passed by the General Assembly), administrative laws (regulations of executive branch agencies), and ______ laws (interpretations of written laws) They protect citizens from abuse by government by ensuring each citizen has “_______________________”

4 Due Process of Law Due process is guaranteed by the ________________________ (____ Amendment) This means that anyone arrested for a crime has the _______ to have a lawyer present during questioning They must be given a speedy, public _______ before a fair judge and jury They may face and questions _____________, or they can remain silent so as not to incriminate (blame) themselves (“plead the _____”)

5 Structure of Courts The _________-ranking court in Georgia is the ____________________ The __________ highest-ranking court is the Court of ___________ (appellate courts) At the bottom are the _________ courts

6 The Georgia Supreme Court Justices
There are ____ Supreme Court justices (judges) They are elected by popular vote to ____-year terms Supreme Court justices elect the _______________ from among themselves The Chief Justice not only serves as the ______ of the Georgia Supreme Court, but also as the head of the _________________ of Georgia’s government

7 Duties of the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is an _____________ court It only reviews cases on appeal from lower courts There are no witnesses or juries Another responsibility is to interpret the state ________________ It may review cases involving the constitutionality of laws It automatically reviews __________________ cases It regulates the admission of attorneys to practice law in Georgia Their decisions are __________ (final)

8 Court of Appeals _________ judges serve on this court
They _______ one of their members to be Chief Judge They are elected by popular _____ to serve __________ terms Like the Supreme Court, this is an ____________ court It only hears cases appealed from lower courts

9 Trial Courts Trial courts hear ___________ cases, either criminal or civil – each court has _____________ (the range of actions over which the court has control or influence) These courts include 188 superior courts in 49 circuits (regions), 70 state courts, 159 _________ (dealing with wills) courts, 159 ___________ (cases involving people under the age of 17) courts, and 159 ___________ (minor civil matters involving sums less than $15,000) courts Over 400 municipal (city) courts and special courts are also part of the trial courts

10 Criminal Law A criminal case is one involving a _________ of the ______ The _______ (prosecution) brings criminal charges against a person and trial determines the guilt of the ____________ (person on trial) Crimes are divided into ____ categories A __________ is serious crime A ________________ is a less serious crime

11 Felonies in Georgia In Georgia, a felony is punishable by a ________________ in prison, a fine of ___________________, or both Examples of felonies in Georgia are _________, drug crimes, _________ robbery (use a weapon), ____________ homicide (kill someone with your car), and shoplifting of goods valued over _______

12 Misdemeanors in Georgia
A misdemeanor is punishable by ______ than a year in prison, a fine of ____________ $1,000, or both Examples of misdemeanors in Georgia include ________ violations, _____________ (on property not your own without permission), writing bad checks, and shoplifting items valued less than _______

13 Juries An important part of Georgia’s court system is the concept of a _____ trial (a trial before one’s peers) There are ____ types of juries – a grand jury and a trial jury The ________ jury determines whether or not persons accused of crimes will be ___________ (officially charged) and required to stand trial A _____ jury is a group of citizens whose job it is to judge a person charged with a crime

14 Civil Law Civil lawsuits are ___________ (disputes between two or more people or groups) Civil law cover issues such as ____________, property rights, _____________________, child custody, and inheritance The person or group who brings the legal action (sues) is called the __________ The person or group who the action is against (being sued) is called the _____________

15 Settling Disputes Peacefully
There are several ways to settle civil matters peacefully Filing a ___________ _______________: a neutral third party (mediator) meets with the opposing sides and helps them reach an agreement (the opposing sides reach the agreement) __________________: a neutral third party (arbitrator) meets with the opposing sides to reach an agreement but the arbitrator makes the agreement ________________: each side gives up something in order to settle the dispute _______________: discussing an issue in order to resolve it _________________: opposing parties work together to identify common ground ________________: seeking change while rejecting violence

16 Questions: 1) What does the judicial branch consist of?
2) What is the job of the judicial branch? 3) What guarantees due process of law? 4) What are the steps to ensure due process of law has been followed? 5) List the courts in order of rank (highest to lowest) 6) How many supreme court justices are there? 7) How long is a term for a supreme court justice? 8) How is the Chief Justice selected? 9) What type of court is the supreme court? 10) What are the responsibilities of the Supreme Court?

17 More questions: 11) How many judges serve on the court of appeals?
12) How long is a term for an appeals court judge? 13) What type of cases does the appeals court hear? 14) What types of cases are heard in trial courts? 15) What is jurisdiction? 16) What does a criminal case involve? 17) Who is the prosecution and who is the defendant in a criminal case? 18) What are the two categories of crimes in Georgia? 19) How is a felony punishable in Georgia? 20) What are some examples of felonies in Georgia? 21) How is a misdemeanor punishable in Georgia?

18 More questions: 22) What are some examples of misdemeanors in Georgia?
23) What is a jury trial? 24) What is a grand jury? 25) What is a trial jury? 26) What is a civil lawsuit? 27) What kinds of issues can be covered in civil lawsuits? 28) Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant in a civil case? 29) What are the 7 ways to settle a dispute peacefully?


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