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State Judicial Branch. What is the purpose of the courts?

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1 State Judicial Branch

2 What is the purpose of the courts?

3  The courts protect citizens from abuses by government by ensuring that each citizen has “due process of law.”

4 What are the 3 levels of courts in Georgia?

5 The three levels of courts in Georgia are  State Supreme Court  Court of Appeals  Trial Courts

6 How are judges selected for the court system in Georgia?

7  Judges are elected for 6 year terms  If a judge dies, resigns or is impeached the governor appoints someone for the remainder of the term

8 Which are appellate courts and what is their function?

9  Appellate Courts - Supreme Court and Court of Appeals  Review cases from lower courts

10 What type of case must the Georgia Supreme Court hear on appeal?

11  Supreme Court must hear appeals in which the death penalty is given as the sentence.

12 Which courts come under Trial Courts?

13 Trial Courts  Superior Court  State Court  Juvenile Court  Probate Court  Magistrate Court  Municipal Court

14 What types of cases are heard in Trial Courts?

15  Trial courts hear original criminal and civil cases.

16 What is the difference between criminal and civil trials

17  Civil trials deal with disputes between two or more persons or groups  criminal trials involve violations of the law.

18 What is due process?

19  US Constitution says no state can deprive any citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. A person arrested for a crime has a right to have a lawyer present during questioning. A person must be given a speedy, public trial before a fair judge and jury. They may face and question witnesses or they can remain silent so as not to incriminate (blame) themselves.

20 Types of Courts


22  Municipal Court – Limited jurisdiction ordinance violations, criminal preliminaries, traffic  Magistrate Court - Limited jurisdiction, search and arrest warrants, felony and misdemeanor preliminaries, county ordinances  Probate Court – limited jurisdiction, exclusive jurisdiction in probate of wills, administration of estates, appointment of guardians, involuntary hospitalizations, marriage licenses

23  Juvenile Court – limited jurisdiction, deprived, unruly, delinquent juveniles, juvenile traffic  State Court – limited jurisdiction, civil law cases except cases within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court  Superior Court – General jurisdiction, civil law actions, misdemeanors and other cases, exclusive jurisdiction over divorce, title to land and felonies

24  Court of Appeals – Appellate jurisdiction over trial courts in cases which the Supreme Court has no exclusive appellate jurisdiction  Supreme Court – Appellate jurisdiction over cases of constitutional issues, title to land, validity of wills, habeas corpus, divorce, election contests, convictions of capital felonies, certified questions from Court of Appeals

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