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Elements of a Short Story

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1 Elements of a Short Story
Students will be provided a copy of the power point presentation in outline form. The outline form will have blanks to be filled in during the presentation. This presentation is in preparation of writing a short story for their portfolio. This presentation was designed for a resource Language Arts class; students having learning and behavior disorders.

2 Definition of a Short Story
Tells about a single event or experience Fictional (not true) 500 to 15,000 words in length It has a beginning, middle, and end Creates an impression on the reader

3 Elements of a Short Story
Plot Setting Character Point of view Conflict Theme Mood

4 Short Story Vocabulary
Plot: A series of events through which the writer reveals what is happening, to whom, and why.

5 Short Story Vocabulary
Setting:Tells the reader where and when the story takes place.

6 Short Story Vocabulary
Characterization: Creation of imaginary people who appear to be real to the reader. The writer gives information about the characters in the story.

7 Character Protagonist Antagonist
Main character in the story; central figure in a story’s conflict Antagonist Opposing force to the main character; can be a person or thing

8 character Flat A minor character who does not change; a one dimensional person Round A fully developed character with lots of traits

9 Short Story Vocabulary
Point of view: The position of the narrator of the story and what the writer sees from that vantage point.

10 Point of view 1st: the person is telling his or her own story and is in the story. “I” or “we” is used. The reader is limited to only what the narrator knows or tells us

11 Point of view 3rd omniscient:
We can see everything going on in everyone’s mind at any time.

12 Point of view 3rd limited:
We can see what’s going on only in one person’s mind (but we are still outside of it). “he” or “she” is used.

13 Short Story Vocabulary
Conflict: A problem in the story that needs to be resolved.

14 Internal Conflict Man vs. Self
Mental or emotional struggle that occurs within a character

15 External Conflict Character struggles with an outside force or problem.

16 Types of External Conflicts
Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. Society Man vs. Fate

17 Theme Theme: The story’s main ideas. The “message” the writer intends to communicate by telling the story.

18 Mood Mood: In literature, the mood of a story is the atmosphere of the story. A love story might have a dramatic atmosphere, while a horror story might have a tense, fearful mood.

19 Short Story Great writers are able to use the elements of the short story with such precision that the reader is caught up in the action of the story. This is a mark of a good story and our goal as a writer.

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