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Elements of Short Stories

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1 Elements of Short Stories

2 I. Plot- series of related events that make up a story
A. conflict- struggle between opposing forces 1. Man vs. man- external struggle between two or more individuals 2. Man vs. himself- internal struggle concerning emotion and decision 3. Man vs. nature- external struggle between man and as element of nature 4. Man vs. society- struggle with conforming to society’s expectations

3 B. Complication- mini-conflicts that contribute to the rise in action
C. Climax- turning point of the story; emotional high point (for the character, not the reader) D. Falling Action- events that lead to resolution E. Resolution- outcome of the conflict II. Four types of characterization- techniques the writer uses to develop character A. comment from the narrator C. Speech and actions of other characters. Physical description D. Speech and actions of the character E. Direct

4 Plot Diagram

5 III. Themes of the literature/ analyzing characters
A. Motivation- cause of actions B. Behavior- actions of the character C. Consequences- results of actions D. Responsibility- moral, legal, or mental accountability E. Expectation- how you expect the character to behave

6 IV. Tone/ Mood A. Serious B. Humorous C. Sarcastic ( Use of Irony)

7 Theme- main idea or message if a story
plot- chart of a story Flat Character- character that doesn’t change throughout the story Round Character- character that does change throughout the story Protagonist- “good guy” Antagonist- “bad guy”

8 Tone- overall feeling of the story
Setting- where the takes place Autobiography- story written about self

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