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Elements of Literature. Protagonist Is the main character in a work of literature. Narrator.

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1 Elements of Literature

2 Protagonist Is the main character in a work of literature. Narrator

3 Antagonist The character in a work of literature who opposes the main character.

4 conflict A struggle between opposing forces; conflicts can be external or internal.

5 External Conflict Man-vs-man Man-vs-nature Man-vs-animal Struggle with outside forces.

6 Internal Conflict Takes place in the character’s mind.

7 Point Of View The vantage point in which the story is told. First Person- ‘I’ Third Person- ‘He, she it” Omniscient-having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight possessed of universal or complete knowledge

8 Setting The time and the place of the story or novel. A story can be set in a realistic or imaginary place and can occur in the past, present,or future.

9 Foreshadowing An author’s way of hinting to the reader of what is to come in the story.

10 Plot The series of events in sequential order. What happens 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, and so on. The plot centers on at least one major problem called a conflict.

11 Five Main Parts of the Plot Not all stories fit this pattern. The exposition may appear in the middle of the story instead of the beginning. A story can end with a climax, leaving no falling action. Climax Resolution Rising Action Falling Action Exposition

12 The opening of a short story or novel. It provides background information that the reader needs to know. It introduces the characters, describes the setting, and may recap important events before the action of the story.

13 Rising Action The chain of events become more complex. The actions and feelings of the characters intensify as their problems become more complicated. Rising Action

14 Climax The highest point of interest Where most action takes place in the store Involves an important event,decision, or discovery that affects the final outcome.

15 Falling Action Following the climax, the intensity of the story may subside. The falling action describes the results of the major events as the action winds down. Falling action

16 Resolution The final part of the story. It tells how the story ends. All the loose ends are tied up.

17 Theme The main idea that the author wishes to share with the reader. A writer rarely states the theme directly; but after reading the selection, the reader should be able to infer the theme. It can be Universal;applying to you and the world

18 Mood A feeling or emotions that a writing or piece of literature stirs in the reader.

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