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Miss Pekarcik’s Class Prince of Peace Orientation August 21 st, 2014 Created by: Ashley Magee, Graphics ©

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1 Miss Pekarcik’s Class Prince of Peace Orientation August 21 st, 2014 Created by: Ashley Magee, Graphics ©

2 Meet the Teacher I grew up here in Orange County. I am a graduate of Prince of Peace. I received my teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton. Each day I am excited to teach Kindergarten. I will I received my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia in 2014.

3 Welcome Welcome letter Kindergarten Questionnaire I sent you an e-mail today. Please check and complete. If you need a paper copy let me know.

4 This Orientation In the classroom 7:30 – In Church 7:00 Ask me any questions as we go. All these items will be on website. Follow with pages in folder. Parent Orientation

5 Classroom Rules CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS (RULES): Always follow the teacher’s directions. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. In the classroom: – Raise hand to talk – Use inside voice – Walk in the classroom

6 Behavior Management Behavior Expectations – ClassDojo

7 Daily Schedule – 8:20 Calendar and Language Arts Warm up – 9:00 Bible Time – 9:30 Alphabet and letter formation / Phonics – 10:00 Snack and Recess – 10:30 Reading – 11:00 Math – 11:45 Lunch and Recess – 12:45 Rest Time / 2 nd semester Read Aloud and Spelling – 1:15 Language Arts and Writing – 1:45 Science / Social Studies / Art – 2:40 Clean up and get ready to go home – 3:00 Dismissal

8 Bible Time Sing songs Read the Bible Art and Crafts One topic per week. Starts with Old Testament and then through the New Testament.

9 Reading Units – School – Shadows – Finding Friends – The Wind – Stick to It – Red, White, and Blue – Teamwork – By the Sea

10 Language Arts Rhyming High Frequency Words Recognition and Letter Writing Phonics Verbs, Nouns, and Pronouns Capitalization and End Marks Types of Writing (Fiction, Poems, Biographies, etc.)

11 Math Topics – Counting and Cardinality Counting, comparing, and writing numbers – Operations and Algebra Addition and Subtraction – Operations in base ten Composing numbers – Measurement and Data Measuring, sorting, and classifying – Geometry Shapes and Locations

12 Science Topics – Shadows – Seasons – Wind – Senses – Plants – Magnets – Ocean animals

13 Social Studies Topics – Workers in the community – Being a good friend – Perseverance – Our country – Working together – Holidays

14 Music / Art Singing Rhythm – Classroom made instruments Patterns Listening for differences – Loud and soft – Fast and slow – How music makes you feel Line Shape Texture Color Pattern Drawing Form Exploration Appreciation

15 Special Classes Students will visit special classes each week. Our schedule is as follows: Tuesday and Thursday – P.E. Tuesday – Library (starts in January) Wednesday – Art, Chapel, Reading Buddies Friday – Big Buddies Reading / Math Centers – Days to be determined On P.E. days please make sure your child wears tennis shoes. If they do not it will effect their grade.

16 Field Trips Discovery Science Center – Sept. 16 th (early day) Tanaka Farms – Pumpkin Patch – Strawberry Picking Orange County Zoo Others opportunities as we see interest We love parent Volunteers but many trips limit the amount of parents we can have with us.

17 Grading I grade papers on the Scale from 1 to 5. Kindergarten Grading Scale Kindergarten Grading Scale - All grades are recorded in our online grading program. Jupiter Grades Report cards come out 4 times a year.

18 Assessments Math Test are given at the end of each topic. Mostly every two weeks. Reading assessments are given throughout unit. Students are also tested one on one with letter recognition, sounds, high frequency words, etc. Standardized testing is given in October.

19 Parent Involvement Many hands make for great work. I need help in the classroom with: Lunch time monitor (11:45-12:45) – Lunch Time Monitor Lunch Time Monitor Centers (2:00 – 3:00) one day a week Special activities and days Field trips (drivers and chaperones) Room Parent (organize holiday parties)

20 Supplies Please have students ready with their supplies. K supply list K supply list -

21 Homework Kindergarteners will receive homework folders on Monday. They are due back to school on Friday. Each day will list an assignment but they just need to be turned in when the whole week is complete. Each day’s work should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

22 Stay Connected! Newsletters will be sent home weekly. Check your child’s folder. School website: My Email: My Phone: (714) 624-1852 – this is my cell phone Best time to call me at school (714) 774-0993 during the day: 7:00 to 8:00 or 3:30 to 4:00

23 Welcome to a great year in Kindergarten!

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