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Company Overview DATASTOR in Education By: Mike Ehring.

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1 Company Overview DATASTOR in Education By: Mike Ehring

2 DATASTOR™ Background  DATASTOR’s mission is to safeguard business and organization continuity in a new digital world where data is the business and it’s everywhere.  DATASTOR has an impeccable track record of protecting businesses, educational institutions, and local to national government organizations for over 10 years.  DATASTOR is unique in the market – through proprietary technology, we use 10-100 times less bandwidth and storage space than other available solutions -- recovery is faster, easier, and much more reliable over any network speed.  DATASTOR is the most economical and advanced technology available for small to medium sized organizations delivered today. July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 2 PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE

3 DATASTOR™ Company Profile  DATASTOR is based in Boulder, Colorado with10 years of background in safeguarding 1,000’s of organizations.  Key Executives:  Brian Dodd, President and CEO.  Mr. Dodd has over 30 years of experience developing software for storage management and high- performance computing systems. Previously, he was responsible for leading the engineering teams at VERITAS and Microsoft Corporation. At super computing Cray Research, Mr. Dodd led US Department of Energy Application teams using massively parallel computing systems. He has patents issued in the US and other countries for work in data compression, deduplication and storage.  Mike Moore, Executive Vice President and CTO.  Mr. Moore specializes in storage management application development with a vision to provide access to data within archival systems with end-user transparency. He has held various senior engineering positions with VERITAS Software, ASG Software Solutions (formerly Dirig Software), and Convergys (formerly CBIS). He has patents issued in the US and other countries. July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 3 PROTECT YOUR ORGANIZATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE

4 DATASTOR™ Vision July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 4 The value of back- up and restore is ALL in the RESTORE.

5 DATASTOR™ in Education  DATASTOR provides back-up and recovery for over 500 schools and districts around the world.  DATASTOR works directly with schools or through partnerships with companies such as CORE. July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 5 PROTECTING OVER 500 SCHOOLS TODAY AND GROWING

6 Why Does is Matter?  Almost all small to medium organizations and businesses are now digital.  Even today, only 40% of organizations back up at least 60% of the operational data.  60% of organizations that do backup do not test business recovery.  43% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen.  46% of users experience data loss every year.  Backup and Recovery is the number one priority for small to medium sized businesses surveyed. July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 6 MOST SMALL BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS ARE AT RISK Top Reasons for Data Loss

7 DATASTOR™ Vision July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 7 On average, 1 of every 10 desktop computer hard-disks will fail in 3 years. Google AFR Study, 2007

8 Why DATASTOR? DATASTOR uses 10-100 times LESS disk space and network bandwidth FASTER restore SAFER through verification service LESS expensive to use Backup remote sites over ANY bandwidth. CLOUD-based long term storage off-site. EASY to use ON-DEMAND pricing available Same CONTROL as in-house solutions Completely SECURE July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 8 DATASTOR IS THE FASTEST FOR THE ENTIRE ENTERPRISE DATASTOR is 10-100 x’s Faster Speed DATASTOR OTHERS

9 Key Features Patented Source-Based Deduplication Technology for Fast, Full Backups Using Less Network Bandwidth and Storage Full System Recovery (BMR) Bootable System Recovery Environment Drag-N-Drop Restore Agentless Deployment to Client Computers System Health Status Reports w/ Email Notification Optional Cloud Vaulting with Deduplication Military-Grade Strong AES-256 Encryption Central Command and Control with MMC User Interface Remote Site WAN Optimization with Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling Client Support for Mac OS, Linux, Unix Multi-way Remote Site DR July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL EASE-OF-USE COMBINED WITH ADVANCED FEATURES


11 DATASTOR™ Value July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 11 Backing up a server is easy… Restoring an entire organization (or any piece of it) in today’s world is hard...

12 DATASTOR™ Value July 27, 2010CONFIDENTIAL Page 12 “DATASTOR really saved our corporate posteriors recently, when one of our remote offices lost its entire ESX host array – I had user data back online at our main site in under an hour! ” GARRETT MICHAEL HAYES HelpDesk Manager – Corporate IT

13 Contact Information- Free Evaluation Mike Ehring VP of Global Sales & Business Development 303.217.8776 469.767.78733 (Cell)

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