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May 25, 2010 MozyPro Scalable Business Backup. Protect, organize and enrich most valuable information. Our Mission:

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1 May 25, 2010 MozyPro Scalable Business Backup

2 Protect, organize and enrich most valuable information. Our Mission:

3 Servicing over 40,000 businesses Servicing over 1 million users The Mozy Cloud Over 25 PB 100+ TB/day Global footprint

4 Introducing Mozy Provider of cloud-based personal information services for consumers & SMB Wholly-owned subsidiary of EMC with full access to EMC resources and assets Combines EMC acquisitions focused on consumer, SMB and personal cloud services Founded 2005

5 “I prefer Mozy”. – Walt Mossberg “I’m most impressed with Mozy.” - Larry Armstrong “Mozy is more flexible too.” - David Pogue “I recommend Mozy Home for the best and easiest backup.” - Lincoln Spector Time Magazine’s #1 Ranked Web Service Acclaim

6 Value of Data is Growing Data is Vulnerable to Loss Scattered across Devices Difficult to Manage Growth in Digital Content The Data Dilemma

7 In-House Managed Backup How much does information management cost your organization per year? Hardware and Software Costs Data Center Overhead Costs Storage Capacity Planning Maintenance & Support Costs IT Labor & Administration Costs Tape Costs Security Costs

8 In-house Backup Solution CostIn-house PC Backup Server (s)$5,000 Storage$50,000 Networking Gear$2,500 Datacenter Power/Cooling$12,500 Datacenter Bandwidth$100,000 Tech Support$12,500 Management$25,000 Off-site Solution$75,000 Total Year 1 Cost$282,500 Total Year 2 Cost$457,500 Total Year 3 Cost$686,520 Number of laptops/desktops 500 GB’s to backup10 per computer

9 9 Mozy Online Backup Solution CostsMozy Online Backup All datacenter costsIncluded Total Year 1 Cost$49,225 Total Year 2 Cost$93,975 Total Year 3 Cost$134,250 Number of laptops/desktops 500 GB’s to backup10 per computer Total Customer Savings Year 1 Savings$233, 275 Year 2 Savings$363,525 Year 3 Savings$552,270

10 Online Data Backup MozyPro

11 Mozy Product Benefits SummaryKey PointsDetails ProductivityEasy and Convenient Data Protection  Automatic Protection  Improve Management  Reduce Downtime  Ensure regular and consistent data protection  Windows users can use Mozy 2xProtect™ to back up locally to a USB, external, or mapped network drive in addition to online.  Intuitive web-based admin console for easy set-up, management, and reporting Peace of MindReliable, Hassle-Free from Trusted Experts  Highest Levels of Security  Trusted Technology  Proven Name  Military-grade encryption of data during transfer and storage  Robust, scalable technology – 25 Petabytes protected and counting  Backed by trusted, proven EMC ValueLow Cost, Low Risk  More than 50% savings over in-house backup  No Capex  Pay as You Go  Minimal administrative overhead  Manage costs through a subscription- based model  Remote offices/workers get the same protection as headquarters

12 MozyPro Features Backup for every business Local backup with Mozy 2xProtect™ Military-grade Encryption Easy account management Automatic or scheduled backups Lightning Fast Backups Custom configurations Certified Data Centers New!

13 13 MozyPro 2.0 Improvements Local backup with Mozy 2xProtect™ Easy account management Lightning Fast Backups Extra layer of protection Back up faster Restores faster Simplified client interface Pause backups Files backed up view Prepares your files up to 75% faster Transfers files up to 25% faster Uses less of your computer's resources

14 MozyPro Admin Console From the MozyPro Admin Console Administrators can: View individual or aggregate account usage, history, and stats Customize individual and group configuration settings View and distribute license keys Create sub-administrators Reset account passwords Change account status

15 Easy-to-use MozyPro Client Using the MozyPro Client, end users can more easily: Set automatic and scheduled backups Select folders and files to back up Configure options Set bandwidth throttling See a history of all backups Restore files and folders

16 Most Trusted in Online Backup Technology built to Scale Business model based on data protection Backed by EMC – financial and long-term stability LongevityLongevity Emphasis on Security Security ScalableTechnologyScalableTechnology

17 Scalable Technology At the petabyte scale, hardware failure is a fact of life If addressed in software, can use lowest cost disks Solution impacts both reliability and cost efficacy MozyPro technology provides higher reliability, faster storage and retrieval with 160% less overhead than traditional systems

18 Privacy & Security Strict data-privacy guidelines Business model Centered on technology and operational efficiencies – not on sniffing your data for advertising End-to-end focus on security 448-bit blowfish local encryption 256-bit AES local encryption (private encryption key option) 128-bit SSL encryption over the wire

19 Longevity Backed by industry-leader EMC In the World’s Top 10 Product Technology Companies 2009 REVENUE: Corp: $14 billion GROWTH: Corp 11.25% growth (y/y) RESOURCES: >33,000 employees R & D 2009: >$1.6 billion

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