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1 Storage Today Victor Hatridge – CIO Nashville Electric Service (615) 747-3735.

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1 1 Storage Today Victor Hatridge – CIO Nashville Electric Service (615) 747-3735

2 2 Agenda  Challenges of today’s environment  Benefits of file server consolidation efforts  How to engage storage vendors  Summary

3 3 Challenges of Today’s Environment

4 4 Limited Storage Scalability & Compatibility Windows ® File Server UNIX ® File Server Windows ® File Server Primary Data Center  Growth managed by adding servers Windows ® File Server  Servers unevenly utilized  Difficult for UNIX® and Windows® users to securely share data  User migration disruptive  Labor-intensive management

5 5 Difficult, Slow Backup Process Primary Data Center Windows ® Server Time: many hours Full Backup Incremental Backup Time: many hours  Tape backups required for each server  Tape management required for each server  Backup takes a long time  Duplicate tasks at remote offices Remote Offices

6 6 Difficult Restore Process Primary Data Center Windows ® File Server Off-site Tape Storage Time to recover: many hours Load full backup Load incremental backups  Identify backup tapes  Load full and incremental backups  Downtime for users who need to access the data Locate backup media  Tapes may be at off-site tape storage location

7 7 Lack of Business Continuance Primary Data Center Offsite Tape Storage Challenges:  Expensive  Slow disaster recovery  Long user downtime  Risk of unrecoverable backup due to backup error or faulty media Windows ® File Server

8 8 High Management Complexity Primary Data Center  Protect from viruses and other security threats  Many file servers to manage  Manage OS patches and updates for each server

9 9 Windows File Serving Consolidation Return on Investment  Cost savings from: –Elimination of file servers –Cost avoidance as storage grows –Simplified backup & recovery Complete details in Forrester TEI Report Start12 Months2 Years3 Years 3 Year ROI 139%  Prepared by Forrester Research from customers interviews  Based on consolidation of 80 Windows file server customers –Reduction in downtime –Increased flexibility $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0 $(500,000) $(1,000,000) $(1,500,000) Payback COST SAVINGS OVER 3 YEARS

10 10 Large-Scale Consolidation Primary Data Center  Consolidate user data  Deploy unified storage appliance  Enable heterogeneous file sharing Benefits:  Simplified management  Improved server utilization  Faster more reliable backup  Enhanced availability  Centralize backup  Cluster for higher availability  Add disks as needed

11 11 Benefits of file server consolidation efforts

12 12 Migration without VFM Benefits:  Shortens migration time  Simplifies migration effort  Minimizes client downtime  Tremendous flexibility in executing consolidation Consolidate in stages Location transparency Migrate data Decommission old storage devices Update scripts and applications Migrate data Inform users Users to reboot Field support calls for broken links to data Decommission old storage devices Plan and communicate Create groups and shares Benefits: Effortless Consolidation  Policy-based management Schedule Bandwidth Inclusions/exclusions Post-migration tasks  Multiple consolidation jobs simultaneously across locations  Automatic reconfigure client mappings Migration with VFM Deploy Global Namespace

13 13 Marketing Dept Benefits: Multi-domain Consolidation Engineering Dept  Each group manages its own file servers  MultiStore ™ allows single filer to be partitioned into smaller filers EngineeringMarketing  They want to consolidate, but each group wants control of administration and maintenance Benefits:  Flexible administration and management

14 14 Benefits: Non-disruptive Expansion Benefits:  Easier to manage expansion  Minimized downtime  Reduced user confusion  Additional disks can be easily added with little or no impact on system performance  Upgrade performance with new filer head  Global namespace software - Scales storage across filers Shields users from physical file storage changes Marketing Promotions Programs Sales Presentations Engineering Executables Libraries Spec Schedule Global Namespace (VFM) Promotions Sales

15 15 Benefits: Simplified Backup Process Benefits:  Shortens backup windows to seconds  Incurs no performance degradation running snapshot  Minimize data loss  Fewer tapes to manage Primary Data Center  Snapshots provide near-instantaneous backups  Stored on filer for immediate access  Snapshots can be backed up to tape  Tape backup process centralized Time to backup: seconds Snapshots

16 16 Benefits: Scalable Virus Protection Primary Data Center  Virus protection is CPU-intensive  Off-load scanning to AV server  AV Scan Server finds virus, repairs the file Anti-virus Scan Server  All filers can use pool of AV Scan Servers Benefits:  Secure valued data  Minimize impact on filer  Scalable architecture  Repurpose former file servers for AV scanning LAN Pool of Antivirus Scan Servers LAN

17 17 Benefits: Simplified Management Benefits:  Simple, secure, centralized administration  Unified view of data infrastructure  Enhanced planning and storage provisioning  Improved resource utilization  Use tools provided by your storage vendor  Use alone or with third- party products  Develop your own management tools Partner Solutions Vendor Manager VendorAPIStandards-Based Interfaces

18 18 How to Engage Storage Vendors

19 19 Know your environment  Know your storage picture today  Know your data change rate  Know your data growth rate  Know your staff

20 20 Do Research on Vendors  Visit Web Sites  Talk to other companies – User Groups – Technology Council – Trade Shows

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