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Introduction to the application Did you know?. Want Ad Super Petz: We are looking for a highly motivated person to replenish stock in our store. This.

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1 Introduction to the application Did you know?

2 Want Ad Super Petz: We are looking for a highly motivated person to replenish stock in our store. This person should be prepared to lift heavy boxes or merchandise on a regular basis. A high school diploma or GED is required. Working Nights and Weekends is a must. Please come by our store in room 233 to fill out an application.

3 Want Ad Office Depot: Wanted: A friendly person who can interact well with customers and handle a fast paced environment. You must also be able to use a cash register and bag items quickly. A GED or high school diploma is required. Computer literacy is a must. Fill out an application at our store in room 233.

4 Before you get an application: Come prepared with vital information- address, phone, social Bring something to write with- Pen ONLY (preferably BLUE or BLACK INK—no pencil) Ask POLITELY for an application Note: Some places require you to complete the application on siteNote: Some places require you to complete the application on site

5 Filling out an application Ask for two applications- This will allow you to practice before submitting your final app. BE HONEST!! Print clearly and legibly. Fill out the form neatly and accurately. Apply for a specific position, rather than entering "anything," or "open" for the desired position. Leave no blanks. Write "Does Not Apply" (or "N/A" for Not Applicable) in the space if the question does not apply to you. Explain lengthy gaps in your work history, for example, "attending school." Read and check the application for completeness before turning it in to the employer. Be sure to sign and date the application. Mail or turn the application into the correct person or place.

6 Personal Data In the name field, be sure to note in what order the employer wants your first and last names. Print neatly. If you have previously applied for a job with an employer, make sure that any name change on the application is noted. Use an address where you can receive mail. You may also be asked how long you've lived at your current address. Provide your telephone number with an area code. If you use a message number, make sure that everyone at that number knows what to say for you or that the message on a message machine is appropriate. For a business number, include an extension number if one is available. All applications ask for information about the schools you've attended. Usually you will need to list the city and state where the school was located and any degrees earned. List your education, detailing any special courses. Be prepared to provide transcripts, if requested. List any hobbies or interests you may have. This will provide the employer with additional information about related skills. Some applications request information about prior misdemeanor or felony convictions. Read the application questions carefully and answer truthfully, adding "will discuss at interview." You can be fired for not telling the truth on an application.

7 What to avoid Some of the most common mistakes that job seekers make on applications are: Not following directions Misspelled words Crossed out writing Not printed Wrinkled or messy application form Incomplete information or unanswered questions Not applying for a specific position Incomplete work history, or large unexplained gaps in work history Use of troublesome words, such as "quit" or "fired" Forgetting to sign the application

8 KIOSK In-Store Hiring Kiosks In-store hiring kiosks are convenient for both applicants and employers. From the employer perspective, customers often make the best employees because they know the product and the company. Kiosks save on hiring costs, because they can reduce the amount of money the company has to spend to post jobs online or in the newspaper. For the job applicant, a hiring kiosk is a quick and easy way to apply for employment. How many companies use hiring systems? Unicru is a leading providers of hiring systems. Its hourly solution, for example, is utilized in more than 28,000 on-site application centers across the country. The company processes more than 10 million employment applications a year. The system processes job applications, which includes assessment questions, background checks, and tax screenings, then generates a summary for the hiring manger to review.Unicru How Use a Hiring Kiosk It's easy to use a hiring kiosk. There will either be a desk with a computer on it or a free-standing kiosk. Bring a copy of resume or your work history with you, because you will need to fill out the online application with all your personal and employment-related information. The system will step you through the process of completing the job application. After your application is submitted, you will be contacted by the hiring manager, if the company would like to schedule an interview.

9 Pathmark Stores PetSmart Publix Raley’s Fine Foods Sears Six Flags ShopKo Southeastern Freight Sports Authority SuperValu Target Toys “R” Us Universal Studios Wal-Mart Companies With Hiring Kiosks Companies using hiring kiosk systems include: Advance Auto Parts Albertsons AmeriPark Babies “R” Us Batteries & Bands Best Buy Blockbuster Borders Circuit City CVS Family Dollar Finish Line Hollywood Entertainment Kroger Lowe’s Companies Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ Nordstrom Marshall Field's Original Roadhouse Grill

10 Applying Online What You Need to Apply Online Online application systems typically ask for your contact information, educational background and employment history. You will need to know when you worked and what you were paid at your previous jobs. You may also be asked what days and hours you are available to work. Online Employment Tests Depending on the company, you may need to take - and pass - an online test to be considered for employment. Pre-employment tests, also called talent assessments, employment tests, or career tests, are used to help an employer identify candidates who will be a good fit for jobs at the company. Employers (Walmart's pre-employment is an example), that utilize testing often do it in conjunction with an online job application, so you will take the test when you apply for a job. The results of the test will determine whether you are invited to interview. Read more about online employment tests and how to take them.Walmart's pre-employmentonline employment tests Check Your Application Before you click the Submit button, it's important to double-check your application for errors. Typos and grammatical errors count, so carefully check your application. If you're not sure your spelling is correct, use Microsoft Word and spell/grammar check, then copy/paste into the online application.

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