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Job Applications Business Information & Technology I.

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1 Job Applications Business Information & Technology I

2 Process of Applying for a Job Create a résumé Mail résumé with cover letter Follow-up requesting interviews At interview Complete job application Bring extra copy of résumé Provide references Answer questions thoroughly

3 Job Applications

4 Job applications are used most often to show weaknesses Are you stable or are you a job hopper? Are you a team player? Watch spelling and grammar Use your best penmanship List references Do not leave anything blank—use “N.A.” or “See me”

5 Job Application Bring everything you need Write in black or blue pen One page fact sheet to help you fill in details Neatness, grammar, punctuation counts Print If allowed, complete application at another time (photocopy for rough draft, original for final draft)

6 Job Application Review the entire application before beginning Read and FOLLOW instructions exactly Employers often judge the appearance of the application as the quality of your work Do not leave anything blank (write N/A for “not applicable” if it doesn’t apply)

7 Personal Data Provide first and last name Use address where you can receive mail Provide area code with telephone number Make sure social security number is clear Be prepared to answer questions about education Answer truthfully about everything (you can be fired for falsifying a job application)

8 Work Data Always fill in position desired Do not write ANY or WILL DO ANYTHING It is acceptable to list more than one position Research—know these job titles exist at this company For salary, write OPEN or NEGOTIABLE Availability, write IMMEDIATELY or TWO WEEKS NOTICE

9 Work Experience Include company name, address, city, state, phone number, description of duties Include part-time, full-time, and volunteer work (specify which) List special skills, abilities, experience and/or training Talk to your references beforehand

10 Reasons You Left DO SAY Take a job with more responsibility Moved Seasonal Job ended Temporary Laid off Returned to school Career change Please see me DON’T SAY Fired Quit Absenteeism Tardiness

11 Mistakes to Avoid 1.Not following directions 2.Misspelled words 3.Crossed out writing 4.Not printed 5.Wrinkled or messy application 6.Incomplete information or unanswered questions

12 Mistakes to Avoid 7.Not applying for a specific position 8.Incomplete work history (or large gaps) 9.Overlapping or conflicting employment dates with no explanation 10.Application not turned in on time 11.Use of troublesome words such as “quit” or “fired” 12.Forgetting to sign the application

13 Illegal Questions Height, weight Age, sex Marital status Size of your family Religion, politics Birthplace Race or national origin Handicaps Arrests or convictions Military discharge

14 Application Stumbling Blocks Friends and relatives Criminal record Education Lay-off Fired Job hopping Unemployment gaps No work history References Poor reference Money

15 Completing an Application in 10 steps 1.Print, don‘t write 2.Use a pen, not a pencil 3.Neatness counts 4.Answer every question 5.Don’t give an expected salary 6.Be accurate 7.Make sure your reason for leaving a job is a good one 8.Should have permission from references 9.Be honest 10.Don’t forget to sign

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