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How to Complete Job Applications Erin OHanlon Sharon Holtzman.

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1 How to Complete Job Applications Erin OHanlon Sharon Holtzman

2 How to Complete Job Applications Introductions Tell us who you are…. What line of work are you looking for?

3 Universal Parts of Job Applications Personal Information Name, address, citizenship

4 Universal Parts of Job Applications Work History Where you have worked before, what your job skills are

5 Universal Parts of Job Applications Education All education should be listed, including one time workshops and technical schools, even if not completed

6 Universal Parts of Job Applications Criminal History Question

7 Universal Parts of Job Applications Depending on the field, may include specific questions availability (retail) References (professional) Licensing information (medical or casino)

8 Universal Parts of Job Applications Signature section Typically includes statement and signature

9 Additional Parts of the Application Process May include personality tests May include specific demographic information about race, ethnicity, etc. May include consent and release for drug testing

10 Online Applications Generally based on paper applications Complete all areas, leave no blanks Put in N/A for not applicable

11 Tips for Completing Job Applications Be honest in your answers Come prepared – bring ball point pens (blue or black), and your cheat sheet Be neat and legible Apply for a specific position, even if its not currently open Leave no blanks – write N/A for not applicable Use complete sentences

12 Tips for Completing Job Applications Explain lengthy gaps in work history Sign and date the application Be sure that the application gets back to the right person/department Proof read your work before turning it in Bring your important documents – SS card, drivers license, professional licenses If you have additional resume and references, hand in, even if it is a repeat of information provided on application

13 How do applications get into the no pile? Applicant doesnt follow instructions Misspelled words Crossed out writing or cant be read Wrinkled or messy application form Incomplete or blank information Use of words such as quit or fired Application not signed Salary requirements not realistic

14 Tricky Application Areas Salary Try not to get boxed in Be broad in this area, or write Open or Negotiable Only write within the salary range you know they are offering (from previous ad, etc.)

15 Tricky Application Areas Health and Ability Legal vs. illegal Legal: Can you lift 50 lbs. from the ground? Illegal: Do you have a disability? Previous workers compensation questions are legal

16 Tricky Application Areas Criminal Record Legal Question: conviction only Illegal Question: arrest or imprisonment Be honest! Be specific to what the question that is asked.

17 Tricky Application Areas Work History List all jobs, even part time ones, so that gaps are filled List self employment between full time jobs, if applicable Volunteer positions in between full time jobs

18 Tricky Application Areas Why did you leave your last job? Plant closed or relocation Moved Seasonal work ended Company downsized or reorganized Corporate merger Lack of work/lay off Avoid the word fired, if applicable, use terminated or irreconcilable differences

19 Tricky Application Areas What led you to consider becoming an employee of this company? Good working conditions Ive heard good things about the company I feel it is a great opportunity, with lots of growth potential. Excellent work environment

20 Tricky Application Areas References Use no more than three references Best, most recent, should be first best references are a previous supervisor if possible, then co-worker, then friend or personal Ask the persons permission to use as reference Dont list anyone youre not completely sure will give a good reference Provide detailed contact information about reference

21 What is a cheat sheet? Pre-completed document with all your information on it You will only have to refer to it for information, not carry that info in your head Never hand it in, still write out applications

22 Lets try some applications! Fill out at least three applications and then share for feedback.

23 Thank You. Sharon Holtzman, Home to Work Program 609-601-9925, ext. 202 Erin OHanlon, Self Sufficiency Program 609-601-9925, ext. 201

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