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Job Materials. Job Application Documents Job Application Form Application letter.

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1 Job Materials

2 Job Application Documents Job Application Form Application letter

3 Job Application Guidelines Read form before writing on it Make a photocopy of the blank form Don’t write in spaces marked “For Office Use Only.”

4 Job Application Guidelines Type or print neatly with blue or black ink Keep hands clean and have no food or drink nearby Double-check all numbers for accuracy

5 Job Application Guidelines Don’t skip any blanks Doesn’t apply to you, write N/A (Not Applicable Answer honestly only give information requested

6 Job Application Guidelines If make a mistake us correction fluid Proofread for spelling, punctuation & typos; ask someone else to proofread for you. Deliver in person

7 Job Application letter Also known as Cover letter Introduces you to an employer Highlights information on resume Goal is to convince employer to invite you for an interview

8 Job Application letter Answer these questions before writing letter What job are you applying for How did you find out about the job What are the employer’s needs How can you fill these needs

9 Job Application letter Be positive & enthusiastic Creates a first impression

10 Application Letter Salutation – if you don’t know person’s name “Attention: Personnel Manager” “Dear Personnel Manager”

11 Job Application Introduction State job you are applying for Discuss where you found out about the job Give chief qualification

12 Job Application Body Explain who your skills meet companies needs Brief statement explaining your qualifications Use words directly from ad Tell what you can do for your employer

13 Job Application Conclusion Request an interview List time you can be reached Use correct address & phone numbers Thank them for time and consideration

14 Resume Should be 1-2 pages in length Put on professional paper Keep organized and attractive Easy to skim

15 Résumé Items to include Personal data Job objective Work Experience Education Activities and Achievements References available upon request

16 Personal Data Name Address Phone number Use only home phone Don’t use work phone email

17 Job Objective List position applying for Describe skills What will it do for the company Ex: A part-time cashier position where I can use my social and mathematical skills to provide customers appropriate assistance.

18 Education High school & above Tell address Give date of graduation Include degree Write special courses taken

19 Work Experience Experience, volunteer work, projects, etc Chronological order Include employers address Job title Dates of employment List responsibilities

20 Activities and Achievements Awards Honors Hobbies Offices held Sports

21 References Available Upon Request Type at bottom of resume Informs potential employer you have a list of references Reference tips NO FRIENDS or FAMILY Teachers, previous employers, mentorship supervisors, work supervisors, counselors, etc

22 Interview Tips Study Company Remember interviewer is human – make conversation Use firm hand shake

23 Interview Tips Arrive Early Dress appropriately Make Eye Contact

24 Interview Tips Keep answers brief – under 2 minutes Don’t exaggerate Amplify & expand on answers to sell your skills

25 Interview Tips Avoid speaking negatively about anything, particularly your previous position, boss or company Ask what the next step is Follow-up the interview with a thank you letter

26 Interview Tips Ask right kind of questions Avoid initiating conversation regarding salary & benefits May harm your chances of getting a job

27 Nonverbal Interview Tips Smile Firm Hand shake Good eye contact Sit comfortably without slouching Put personal items on floor next to chair

28 Types of Interviews One-on-one – candidate & interviewer Team/Board – candidate & 2 or more people Structured – all candidates are asked same question Unstructured – no set questions

29 Types of Interviews Telephone Computer Video conferencing – via distance communication

30 Ending Interview Ask when you can expect to hear about decision Express interest in position Thank interviewer Ask for business card

31 Thank You Letter Can write Thank you for many reasons We are specifically for Interviewing

32 Thank You Letter Guidelines Be Selective Be sincere Be prompt Be personal Be Specific

33 Be Selective Select right form Personal note Greeting card Formal letter Don’t mix thanks with some other purpose Sales pitch request

34 Be Sincere Is genuine Is heartfelt If you don’t feel it, don’t say it Don’t be phony

35 Be Prompt Respond as soon as you can Don’t wait until you have not other work to do Respond immediately

36 Be Personal Reader doesn’t want a form letter Remember you are thanking a real person Use names and references to specific events

37 Be Specific Be exact Don’t be vague Why are you thankful What are you thankful for

38 Tips for Writing Thank You letters Effective letter can leave a positive impression with employer Send letter within 48 hours of interview Address to specific individual Highlight what was discussed in interview & reiterate your interest & qualifications

39 Tips for Writing Thank You letters Send new employer thank you If you turn down an offer, send polite & positive thank you letter – leaves door open If rejected, express your gratitude for being considered

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