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Hinduism & Buddhism Key Vocabulary.

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1 Hinduism & Buddhism Key Vocabulary

2 Hinduism began in India over 2,000 years ago
Hinduism began in India over 2,000 years ago. The goal of a Hindu is for the soul to become one with Brahman. Hinduism focuses on four goals: pleasure, success, dharma, and moksha. Buddhism also began in India. Hindus and Buddhists both believe in reincarnation and karma. However the goal of Buddhism is to achieve enlightenment and reach nirvana. As Buddhism spread, monasteries were built and missionaries traveled throughout Asia.

3 Assignment Create a table on a blank sheet of paper.
For each term, allow space to write: Vocabulary Term Definition Synonym or Example Sketch

4 Hinduism Definition: religion of the people of India
Developed from Vedic tradition Rituals & many gods - Polytheistic Sacred scriptures called the Vedas Caste system Which other ancient civilizations believed in polytheism?

5 Brahman Definition: One supreme God in Hinduism
Takes the form of many different gods/goddesses Every Hindu’s goal is for their soul to become one with Brahman What similarities can you find in these Hindu gods?

6 dharma Definition: Living a moral life
Fulfilling the duties assigned to your caste Your dharma depends on your age and caste “Better to do one’s own duty imperfectly than to do another’s well.” Bhagavad Gita What duties do you have? As a member of your family? As a student at NHMS?

7 moksha Definition: release from life Soul becomes one with Brahman
Live forever in a state of joy Hindu’s goal in life What is one goal you have for your life?

8 reincarnation Definition: rebirth of a soul in a new body
May be born into higher or lower caste, or as animal or insect Depends on how you lived your life Continues until you reach moksha

9 karma Definition: the sum of a person’s actions and consequences, words and thoughts Bad karma = rebirth into lower life form Good karma = rebirth into higher life form How does the cartoon show karma?

10 Buddhism Definition: a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Siddhartha was a prince who gave up everything to search for wisdom and truth He became the Buddha What do you think is more important - wealth or wisdom?

11 enlightenment Definition: the state of perfect wisdom
Ends the cycle of reincarnation Goal of Buddhists Buddha meditated for 49 days to reach enlightenment Discuss - what would be difficult about meditating for 49 days?

12 nirvana Definition: a state of blissful peace without desire or suffering Buddhists follow the Eightfold Path to reach nirvana No more death and rebirth How are Buddha’s 8 R’s similar to the 3 R’s at NHMS?

13 missionary Definition: a person who goes to another place to teach about his or her religion Buddhist missionaries spread the Buddha’s teachings throughout Asia Who spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire? (Hint: His name started as Saul)

14 monastery Definition: the home of a religious community
A place for Buddhist monks and nuns to live, meditate, and spread Buddha’s teachings Think of a building in our culture where anyone can go to read and think quietly…

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