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AIM: How can we compare and contrast Hinduism and Buddhism?

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1 AIM: How can we compare and contrast Hinduism and Buddhism?
L37Hinduism and Buddhism DO NOW: Multiple Choice “When I go to the office, I put on my shirt and I take off my caste; when I come home, I take off my shirt and I put on my caste.” What is the main idea of this quotation? 1. the caste system continues to influence Indian society 2. the caste system has been reflected by most Indians 3. successful urban workers in India belong the same Caste 4. the Indian government officially supports the Caste system

2 Hinduism HINDUISM- ( B.C.) major world religion that was first practiced in India. Created through the beliefs and literature of the Aryans.

3 What do Hindus Believe Reincarnation - rebirth of the soul into different physical forms MOKSHA- final releasing of the soul karma are the good or bad deeds you do throughout your life dharma is your soul’s role during your life

4 Buddhism BUDDHISM - a major world religion that began in Ancient India (present-day Nepal) by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

5 What do Buddhists Believe?
The Four Noble Truths Life is full of suffering People suffer b/c the desire things To end suffering, end desire Change your behavior to reach enlightenment

6 Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism
Both Buddhism No specific founder believe that the Buddha is a reincarnation of 1 of their gods Holy book called “The Vedas” Atman= individual soul Brahman =the creator of all Only priests (Brahmans) can achieve moksha CASTE SYSTEM! – no social mobility (which means you can not change your caste) Reincarnation Karma Originate from India Polytheistic Practice yoga Most popular polytheistic religions in the world Peace and non- violence towards living things Believe in many heavens and hells desire is the largest cause of suffering Founder is Siddartha Guatama the Buddha 8 Fold Path Don’t believe in the existence of souls Holy text – 4 Noble truths Don’t believe in the Vedas Anyone can achieve Nirvana

7 Regents Practice

Similarities Alike Also Both Like Too Same Similar The same as Compared to Differences But However While Unlike Different Differs from On the other hand In contrast to

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