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3 DESCRIPTION OF JUST DANCE 4 While you’re playing you have to mimic the dancer on the screen. When you’re dancing you will be judged on the movement of the controller or just your movement depending on which gaming system you’re using. As you are dancing you earn stars, which count for 100 mojo points per star. At the end of the dance on the screen they will add up your and your competitors mojo points. Once you get a certain amount of points you will be able to unlock new levels!! Also on every single dance, there is six missions that you have to complete within the dance. (Ex. One player gets 5 stars or two players get 3 stars). Just Dance 4 is a rhythm game.

4 PLATFORMS You can play Just Dance 4 on your Wii, Xbox, PS3 and a Wii U.

5 CHARACTERS In Just Dance 4 there is no main character and there are multiple characters instead. Each character has a different size, shape, hair, outfits, and sometimes they have costumes.

6 CHARACTERISTICS In Just Dance there is no main character but there is multiple characters. Every dancer in this game looks very active, fit, and healthy. There is certainly more girls than guys in this video game.

7 HOW ARE MINORITIES PORTRAYED AND HOMOPHOBIA Minorities aren’t portrayed because all characters are treated the same. Everyone in the game is exactly the same. Homophobia is not an issue in this game.

8 HOW ARE WOMEN AND MEN PORTRAYED….. There are defiantly more women dancers than guy dancers in Just Dance 4. Most people probably think that women are better dancers than guys. Also along with that, more girls play Just Dance 4 more than most guys would. That’s because it’s lacking lot’s of stuff that guys look for in video games.

9 SPECIAL NEEDS AND THE LEVEL OF VIOLENCE People with special needs are not represented in this game. There is NO VIOLENCE in this game. All you do is Just Dance!!

10 MESSAGES POSITIVE The positive messages in Just Dance 4 are that you can get a great workout while playing. It is a very creative game and it exposes you to different songs and different types of dancing. You can play with friends and have a fun time. NEGATIVE The negative messages from this game are if you play the game to much you can become addicted and strain your eyes. It can become a problem by spending to much time inside and not enough time outside. Once in awhile the person that loses the most thinks that they’re really bad dancers and don’t want to play anymore, and some people may get offended.

11 AGE Amelia- “I started playing this game when I was 10 years old.” Katelyn- “I started playing Just Dance when I was 11 years old.” Most people think, “how young is too young” to play certain video games? Well we think the right age to start playing this game is 10 years old. In Just Dance you have to be able to understand how to play the game correctly.

12 PLAYING TIME Amelia- “The average time I will play this game is an hour a week or less.” Katelyn- “The average time that I spend playing Just Dance 4 is 1hour- 2 hours every week.”

13 WHY WE ENJOY JUST DANCE 4…. KATELYN I enjoy playing Just Dance 4 because I have a great workout while playing. Also I love to dance, so I have a fun time playing Just Dance 4 too. I really like to play with friends and family! AMELIA I like playing Just Dance because it’s really fun. A big reason for me is I like winning against others. I often play with my friend or family so it is a good way to spend time with them.

14 VIDEO GAME ADDICTION Video game addiction is when you become obsessed with the game and you can’t stop playing it. Soon it can interfere with other things, like it could get in the way of school and bring down your marks. Katelyn- I don’t think I am addicted to Just Dance 4 because I like to do other things besides playing video games. I love school and sports, so that helps me stay away from getting addicted to the game. Amelia- I am not addicted to Just Dance 4 because I am in other things outside of school. Also I don’t have enough patience to play a video game for hours on end.

15 VIDEOS Example video of the dance Rock N Roll Another example

16 REFERENCES Google images

17 THE END!!!!!!


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