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How computers changed the world.

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1 How computers changed the world.
I like computers

2 How computers changed the worlds
Computers have made work a lot easier now. With computers you could read the news without having to pay for a news paper, you can look up information without having to read a book, and when your bored and have nothing to do, then you could play games on the computer for fun. So computers aren’t always for work, they’re also for fun.

3 How do computers help Computers would help you in many things like school and work. You could find out all the information you need on whatever your doing a project on so this way you won’t have to read a whole book, or scan through one. All you’ll have to do is turn on your computer, go on google or another website, and type in the question or information on what you need to know and there will be a list of websites, click on one, and it will show you the information there is on one.

4 Are computers always safe?
Computers aren’t always safe. When people go on aim, somebody could have found their screen name and say that they go to your school and that they are in the same grade as you. Aim is a program that allows you to talk to friends and family from anywhere around the world. The people may say they are the same age as you, when they’re actually around 30 or 40 years old, and they don’t actually know you, they just say they do. Computers are not safe also because when you order something online, they’ll ask for your credit card number, and after you give them your credit card number, they could steal your money on it. There is also myspace. Myspace is a website where you can place photos of you and your friends, and write information on yourself and people could figure out information on you, like say that you wrote that your favorite sport was soccer, and you forgot that you put it on there. Someone could talk to you and say that they love soccer, and ask if you want to play soccer with them, and then you might not think about it, and go play soccer with them and they could be bad people.

5 What can you do to make you safer when you’re on the computer.
When your on the computer, you want to make sure that you stay safe and no one gets a lot of information on you. What you could do to make yourself safe is, when your on aim or on myspace, and someone says that they know you and that they are actually good friends with one of your friends and that you should add them on your friends list, even if you think you know them don’t add them until you figure out who it is and make sure that you know them before adding them to your friends list so you don’t add a stranger by accident so that you will stay safe and not be in any kind of danger.

6 Old computers and new computers.
The computers from the past, have less things to do on it, the computers that they make now, are much easier to use, and are upgraded so that you can do many more things with them then you would be able to do with the older version of a computer. Now the internet has more information for you when you are searching things and have more games and stuff on them.

7 Computers used in business
Computers are used for many different reasons, to play games, to look up information, and they’re even used in businesses. Like people in my family make airplane engines for a living, and they use a computer because, when they look to make sure that all of the engines look good and test them and all of that, they have to go the computer to write to their boss that either the engine is a success or not. And they also have to fill out forms and things to get into work.

8 Internet on cell phones
Computers don’t have to be big, actually, cell phones and ipods are also a computer. Cell phone sometimes has internet on them so you can also go on the internet with cell phones. You can play games and things on cell phones too, just like on a computer. There are many different kinds of computers that don’t even have internet or anything on them but they’re still considered a small computer.

9 Viruses A lot of computers get viruses. Viruses are caused by many things. A lot of people get viruses by downloading games, screen savers, backgrounds, or mouse icons. They are also caused by too many CD games being downloaded, and that can also make your computer go slow.

10 What makes your computer get slow?
Your computer doesn’t just get slow by its self. Your computer gets slow when you do to many things to it. Like when you download about 10 games onto your computer, your computer gets really slow because it takes time to load all 10 games onto your desktop. So when you have icons that says someone's name and you click on it, it will say loading personal settings which, if you have a lot of things under favorites, it has to load that and that will take time to load all of the games and things that you have under favorites, because it’s taking up a lot of space on your computer.

11 Computers in a vehicle Computers don’t always have to be at your house. When your going somewhere, and you want to look at your or just play games, you can take a laptop in the vehicle with you. They make outlets in your car, so that when your laptop’s battery is low, you can take the charger with you, plug it in to the outlet and hook it up to the laptop so you can still play on it!

12 The internet The internet is one of the most common places that people go to on the computer. There are many internet pages to go to, like msn, google, yahoo, and more. You can look up a lot of things on the computer. When you’re doing a school project, and you need information on it, you can go to the internet and type in what you need to know and it will come up with all kinds of websites that you can choose from to go and look to see if the information that is on that website is what you’re exactly look for.

13 Computer Types There are many different kinds of computers and all of them are different than the others. There are dells, apples, gateways and much more. A lot of people have different computers that don’t even have a name. Like my dads friend made our computer and it doesn’t have a name because he didn’t want to name it, because the computer will work fine without a name.

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