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Docs, Spreadsheets, & Presentations. What Do YOU Know???

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1 Docs, Spreadsheets, & Presentations


3 What Do YOU Know???

4 Who has used Google Docs? What do you know about Google Docs? Current opinions…

5 Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word File can be loaded as.pdf,.doc, and as a web page Can include images, charts, and tables Can print or email documents Can share documents with others Can perform group modifications Microsoft Word File can be saved as.doc or as a web page Can include images, charts, tables, etc. Can print, save, or email documents Multiple templates available for easier use Google Docs


7 To Create a Document Click the (create new button) –Choose the Documents option


9 Open, create, and upload documents Rename documents View revisions Download and Save in different formats Print documents

10 Undo/Redo actions Cut, copy, and paste objects Edit CSS and HTML

11 Used for: Images Drawings Tables Links Equations Comments Footnotes Horizontal lines Header/Footer

12 Adjust document settings Adjust alignment Select paragraph styles Apply various formats Clear formatting

13 Modify tables Insert rows and columns Delete tables Delete rows and columns Insert tables Modify border color and background

14 Translate documents to multiple languages Check spelling Select language for spell check Word count Look up words Search the web for words Create document bookmarks

15 Buttons used for Standard operations Buttons used to format the document Buttons used for organizing the document


17 Use the blank document just created to develop the following: –Area for communication with shared users –Choose a benchmark used in a common courses in your department for measuring mastery –Create a section where a list of lessons can be developed to help students meet the benchmark




21 All Departments Share curriculum Share lessons Communication Build lessons Share meeting minutes

22 English Create common DGP exercises Share weekly assignments in common courses taught by different teachers Cooperative Research Projects o Students can share information without needing to actually be in the same class Peer Editing options Teacher review options for projects o Teachers can utilize the revision history to see who has contributed to the project

23 Science Share lab information Upload important documents for class Cooperative Learning Projects Create presentation with video, tables, drawings, images, shapes, etc. for students who have missed labs

24 Social Studies Share worksheets Create a shared research project Create a presentation of notes that can be uploaded to the teacher's website so students can view later or for those who are absent

25 Math Create a presentation for notes, labs, etc. Create a Google Site that can be used as a math tool o graph paper o formula sheets o notes from class o practice quizes o missing assignments (i.e., worksheets, etc.)

26 Administration and Faculty Library can use to create a community calendar to reserve computer lab time Share library newsletter Administration can share monthly calendar Secretaries can share ISS or detention lists with faculty Faculty can share an ICU list (list of students with missing assignments) with coaches, faculty, and administration

27 Sites

28 Blogs


30 How Could a Teacher Use a Blog?


32 Getting Started

33 Setting Things Up

34 Naming the Blog

35 Designing the Blog

36 Posting

37 Settings

38 Layout

39 Your Blog


41 Option 1: Create a blog that could be used to discuss new technology in your district. You will act as the mediator and develop an open area where teachers can ask questions about technology and get assistance from you or other tech people. Option 2: Create a blog for one of your classes. Develop a blog that can be used to learn information being covered in the class.


43 You Can Use Blogs to… Hold classroom discussion online Communicate to students in multiple class periods Communicate with faculty Disseminate information for professional development Provide district information in a quick and timely manner

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