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Google Apps Google Apps ICT SERVICES ILRI-ICRAF Technology + Meaningful Tasks = Productive Staff.

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2 Google Apps Google Apps ICT SERVICES ILRI-ICRAF

3 Technology + Meaningful Tasks = Productive Staff

4 Purpose Google Apps at ILRI-ICRAF

5 Google Apps Google Docs Google Sites

6 Google Docs

7 Why Google Docs? 1. write, edit, revise, publish 2. centralized 3. timely 4. history 5. familiar layouts 6. authentic 7. world audience

8 Google Docs in Your Classroom 1. Individual writing assignments 2. Collaborative writing projects 3. Turn emails/attachments into Google docs 4. Share rubrics with students

9 Tips 1. Habit 2. Require 3. Share 4. File management

10 Google Docs Login

11 GOOGLE DOCS FEATURES  Share your project documents and other useful resource materials  Allow your collaborators to view and edit online documents  Organize your project collaboration in one online location with added benefits of search and chat options

12 Google Docs:Wordprocessing  Enjoy intuitive features and editing, like any traditional word processors (Spell Check, Justification, Bold, Italics, Underline, Tables, Font Formatting, Headers & Footers, etc.)  Create basic documents from scratch or start from a template.  Upload your existing files from Microsoft word or Rich Text Format (RTF).  Download documents to your desktop as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF, Personal Document File (PDF), HTML or ZIP.  Choose who can access, view, and even edit your documents to collaborate.  Email your documents out as attachment

13 Google Docs: Spreadsheets  Import.xls,.txt and.ods formatted data.  Export.xls,.txt and.ods formatted data and PDF and HTML files.  Use formatting and formula editing so you can calculate results and make your data look the way you want it.  Chat in real time with others who are editing your spreadsheet.  Embed a spreadsheet, or individual sheets of your spreadsheet, in your blog or website.

14 Google Docs: Presentation  Share and edit presentations with your friends and coworkers.  Import existing presentations  Download your presentations  Easily edit your presentations.  Insert images and videos, and format your slides to fit your preferences.  Allow real-time viewing of presentations, online, from separate remote locations.  Publish and embed your presentation in a webpage, allowing access to a wide audience.

15 Google Apps Tutorial

16 Thank you! ILRI/ICRAF ICT SERVICES Useful materials: training videos ws/welcome/topicWelcome/index.html ws/welcome/topicWelcome/index.html ws/welcome/topicDocs/index.html ws/welcome/topicDocs/index.html ws_breeze/DocsSpreadsheets/index.html ws_breeze/DocsSpreadsheets/index.html

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