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What parts of a negotiation could these photos show? 12 34.

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1 What parts of a negotiation could these photos show? 12 34

2 Put these seven stages of a negotiation into a logical order. Information gathering Making the deal Establishing rapport Establishing needs Planning Confirming the terms of the deal Bargaining

3 Seven stages of a negotiation Information gathering Making the dealEstablishing rapport Establishing needs PlanningConfirming the terms of the deal Bargaining

4 So, just to summarize, the deal is that you will make a $10,000 contribution to the marketing budget. Could you tell us how quickly you could supply the software if we agree terms? So what you are saying is that you would want half the payment on signature of the contract. Have I got that right? Well, we could agree to that price if you can include training in that figure. Thanks very much for coming to the meeting today. We really appreciate it. I’m really confident we can agree a deal that is beneficial to both parties. I suggest we go through points 1, 2 and 3 on the agenda and then break for coffee. Is that OK? That’s agreed then. I’ll get our lawyer to draw up a draft contract. Let’s have lunch to celebrate. Now match the seven stages of negotiation to the extracts. Planning Establishing rapport Confirming the terms of the deal Information gathering Establishing needs Bargaining Making the deal

5 Internet research Look up ‘principled negotiation’ on the Wikipedia website at: Wikipedia, which is an online free-content encyclopedia, is a great source of information when doing research on the Internet.

6 Use the following format to structure your negotiations: Student AStudent B Ask a favour.Make a tentative offer. Make a counteroffer.Make a firm offer. Propose a compromise. Agree, go back to the beginning, or break off negotiations.

7 Student A: Student B: Student A: Student B: Student A: Student B: Student A: Student B: Student A: Student B: Model dialogue Fine, but this is the last time. You need to be more organized! Oh, all right. Could I ask a favour? Could you do the presentation to the sales team? Again! What’s the problem this time? I’ve got an important client meeting at the same time and I can’t get out of it. Well, I might be able to do it, if you do the PowerPoint slides for me. I haven’t got time for that. If I give you the figures, will you input them? No, I want the whole thing. It’s that or nothing. OK, I’ll do the text for the PowerPoint but could you format it? Maybe. And I want you to help me with the business plan for next year.

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