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Business Arrangements Compiled by Ms. Terri Yueh.

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1 Business Arrangements Compiled by Ms. Terri Yueh

2 Making Appointments Useful Expressions A: Hello, can we fix/arrange an appointment / a meeting on (Tuesday) at (7:00 p.m.)? B: I’ll (just) get / check my diary. Yes, that would be fine. I’m sorry, but I’m meeting someone / doing something / going somewhere then. How about /What about / Shall we say (Friday) at (7:00 p.m.)? I’m sorry, but I think I need to change our appointment because I have another appointment. Can we reschedule for (Friday) at (7:00 p.m.)? A: OK. I’ll pencil you in. (=I’ll write my appointment with you in my diary.) (name) is (joining me for dinner) on (Friday) at (7:00 p.m.).

3 Making Appointments Useful Expressions: Suggesting a time When would suit you? Would (time) be convenient for you? Are you free (time) What about (time) then? Shall we say (time)?

4 Changing Appointments Useful Expressions: Accepting or refusing Yes, I’m free / available (time). Yes, (time) would be fine / be convenient / suit me. I can’t make (on Monday). Something has come up. I’ve got to (do something). How about (Tuesday)? Can we put it off / delay it? We’re going to have to put back /delay our meeting. I’m afraid I can’t make it / I’m busy / I have another engagement / I’ve got something else (on Tuesday). I’m afraid (Monday) won’t be possible after all. I’m going to be very busy that day. I’m completely snowed under (very busy) on (Monday). Can we leave it open for the time being? I’ll get back in touch / contact you again when I’m available.

5 Sample Dialogue A: Can we arrange a meeting some day next week? B: Sure. Would Tuesday be suitable? A: Hmm. I won’t be able to make Tuesday. I’ve got to go to a conference. Shall we say Wednesday? B: Well, unfortunately I’m afraid Wednesday won’t be possible after all. I’m supposed to fly to Taichung to see an important client, and I don’t think there’s any way I can get out of it. Are you free on Friday? A: Friday? Let’s see. Hmm. Somehow I think I’ve already got something scheduled for Friday. Oh, yes! I have a Sales meeting that day! How about Monday?

6 Sample Dialogue B: Let’s see. Well, Monday is out of me. I’m expected to attend a meeting of our personnel committee, and it’s very important for me to be there. A: So that leaves Thursday. I don’t have any obligations or commitments on Thursday. How about you? B: Thursday sounds good. What about 2 o’clock? A: 2:30 would be suit me better, if that’s OK with you. A: That’s fine. See you then!

7 Pair work: Fixing a time You need to arrange an appointment with your client some time next week. Phone him/her to check both of your schedules. Use the events below or check your own diary. Have a lunch meeting with another client Go to a computer show Attend a project meeting Give a presentation Fly to Hong Kong for a trade fair

8 Pair work: Fixing a time Here is your client’s schedule for next week. MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 9:00 amSales meetingHK conference Annual meeting 11:00 amSales meetingHK conference Annual meeting Interviewing 12:00 am Lunch with LAX clients Annual meeting 1:00 pm Fly to HK for a marketing conference Annual meeting Interviewing 3:00 pm HKReturn to TPE Annual meeting Interviewing 5:00 pm HKAnnual meeting Interviewing

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