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2 We all use, in our own way, a 4-Part Sponsoring System:
SPONSORING … what NORMALLY happens? We all use, in our own way, a 4-Part Sponsoring System:

3 What happens NEXT is the difference between sponsoring an ACTIVE or an INACTIVE new distributor

4 And it’s all down to OUR ATTITUDE

5 This is something you can learn … if you want to!
 Those of you who have a Leader’s attitude will know how important it is to get your new distributor started as soon as possible – and you will be very proactive in both your attitude and your approach to achieving this  Those of you who do not (YET!) have a Leader’s attitude will see the signing up of the new distributor as the most important part of the exercise – and, because of your inexperience, you may be unsure of how to efficiently take the necessary actions to get the new distributor started This is something you can learn … if you want to!

6 What’s the difference?

7 Will have spare Sample Kits so new distributors do not have to wait for a delivery
Will go through what to do next by … Talking about commitment Talking about having targets Showing new distributors how to make lists of contacts Showing them where to look for online support sites that are available to the team … plus anything else they feel necessary to get their new team members started correctly LEADERS

8 OTHERS Tell the new distributor to order a Sample Kit
Tell the new distributor that when the Sample Kit arrives to go through it Tell them to look at the catalogues Tell them to arrange for a training session with their upline This group includes new people shy people people who lack confidence people who know nothing but think they know it all people who are unteachable This action is not inspiring and shows lack of experience … but don’t worry, help is on its way!

9 What is needed is a simple, uncomplicated system that allows `OTHERS’ to become `LEADERS’ immediately When new distributors joins FM Group their excitement level is very high – that’s why they joined! Each and every day after that, the excitement level drops and the urgency to get started diminishes until they become inactive … and never start! Unless they see that their decision to join FM was the right one by seeing … FAST RESULTS!

40% 20% 0% Still excited … but no activity as Sample Kit arrives tomorrow EXCITEMENT LEVEL Sample Kit arrives – looking through and sampling – but no selling activity Arranged for training next week. Still excited … but still no activity Beginning to have doubts re time, ability, etc DAYS

11 Ends up as a great big on your genealogy!

12 So let’s get their business started …

13 The 1st step on the ladder of success
90 DAY PLAN The 1st step on the ladder of success

14 What is a 90 Day Plan? It sets out an initial plan for where you want to be 3 months from NOW NOW can be any time you want You can do 90 Day Plans every month if you believe your last one needs changing

15 What is a 90 Day Plan? It is a simple SHORT TERM goal-setting programme to help you stay focussed on  what you want, and  what you are prepared to do to achieve it Everyone should have a 90-day plan You should also be aware of the 90-day plan of all of those you have sponsored

16 How Does it Work? 1. They complete the FM Application Form
2. They select their Sample Kit 3. They complete their 90 Day Plan Make sure the new distributor PERSONALLY fills in the Application Form and 90 Day Plan – it is psychologically part of their commitment to their new business and to their 90 Day Plan

17 You do not have to be too exact - this is just a guide
Stephen Bourne 1/8/2010 200 50 10 2.5 13 9 1.8 You do not have to be too exact - this is just a guide


19 How do you want to start your new FM business?

20 3 2 1

21 Stephen Bourne 1/8/2010

22 3, 4 or 5 2 2


24 Contacts If they struggle completing the sheet, wait until they have at least 8-10 names and telephone numbers on it and say, “That’s great. What I would like to suggest is that we start building your business right now – you can always add names to this list later I know you do not know what to say to them yet, so I would like to suggest that I talk to them on your behalf Is that alright with you – letting me do the work for you?” If they agree, there are 2 methods

25 Contacts 1. When you are actually sitting with the new distributor
The new distributor will make contact with the prospect and then hand you the phone 2. When you are on the phone/Skype signing up the new distributor If you are not actually sitting with the new distributor, you will need to do the same by using 3-Way Calling as the new distributor will not be able to hand their phone over to you

26 Contacts 1. When you are actually sitting with the new distributor
Get them to dial the number and when the prospect answers get them to say, “Hi Carol [prospect’s name] it’s John [new distributor’s name] – how are you? Carol, do you have a minute? Good. Look Carol, I have come across something very exciting which I think you will be extremely interested in and I have my business partner Stephen [sponsor/upline] here with me who can tell you more.” They then hand the phone over to you

27 What Do YOU Say? “Hello Carol, it’s nice to talk to you.
John has joined an exciting and fun business and said that this would be something that you would definitely be very interested in, too. Carol, do you have access to the Internet?

28 What Do YOU Say? If “Yes”:
“Great, can I have your address and we will send you a link to John’s new website. Carol, when could you visit this site? Tomorrow? The day after? OK, we will phone you on [agree day] … is [time] alright for you? Great, we look forward to speaking to you then. Bye”

29 What Do YOU Say? If they do NOT have access to the internet:
“That’s OK. We will send you an Information Pack in the post – could you give me your address please?” Thank you. We will put something in the post to you tomorrow – would it be alright to phone you on [agree a day] … is [time] alright for you? Great, we look forward to speaking to you then. Bye”

30 What Do You Do Next?
When you have contacted as many people as you can on their `Contact List’, get your new distributor to register for one of the following marketing websites: this is a replicating marketing site which your new distributor can send prospects to; it is personalized to them and their prospects can sign up there. There is a yearly cost involved. Order one by going to and clicking on `buy a website’.

31 What Do You Do Next?
Similar to fmforperfume but this one is free. Order one by clicking on `Already an FM Distributor’ at the bottom of the page and filling in the details

32 What Do You Do Next? Once your new distributor has registered with one of the websites, get them to send the following Hi [prospect’s name] As promised, here is the link to my new website: [website] You may have some questions for me when I call you on [give day and time] so write them down and [sponsor/upline] and I will answer them for you when we speak. Regards [new distributor’s name]

What Do YOU Say? FOLLOW UP CALL “Hello Carol, it’s Stephen and John, is it ok to talk now? Great! Did you have a look at the website (or Information Pack)?” [If, `Yes’], “Do you have any questions?” [If, `Yes’, answer all of their questions. When you have answered ALL of their questions, say … ] “CAROL, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NOW?”

34 What Do You Do Next? If they want to join … sign them up
If they want time to think about it … arrange to call them at a later date If they do not want to join … try to get them as a customer


36 The 90 Day Plan shows people:
1. How simple it is to start the business with proper support and training, and 2. How quickly they can start getting results

37 NEWSFLASH So good have the results been, a leaflet version of the 90 Day Plan is now available from the UK office

38 This PowerPoint presentation
The downloadable version of the 90 Day Plan Instructions On How To Use It First Call Script are all available to download from

Download ppt "90 DAY PLAN."

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