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2 When it comes to a classroom the teacher of that classroom is a very important aspect. For the 7-8 hours a day that a teacher is in charge that teacher is the role model for that group of students. Teacher’s as models

3 Teacher’s teaching technology In past years there were not as many types of technology that people had to be worried about, but anymore during this day and age there are many type of technology and everyday there seems to be a new type of technology that people have to learn how to use. If a teacher would start introducing different types of technology in the classroom then the students would have a head start on life and would be able to relate to the world in a more technological way.

4 The Computer A very basic approach for a teacher trying to teach students about technology would be to start with the computer. The computer is a wonderful invention that has modernized out society. Before a computer existed everything had to be hand written, research had to be done with books and in a library and communication was still limited to writing a letter and sending that letter through the postal service. If a teacher takes the time to teach their students about a computer, the students will have a new outlook on life and will have many advantages that they did not have prior to the use of a computer.

5 The Internet Once a teacher has taught his or her students how to use a computer a great next step to teaching technology would be for the teacher to teach the students about the internet. The internet is a great tool that can be used by anyone who has access. The internet can making searching for information faster and more efficient, as well as the internet can make connections easier to make. Business acquaintances can stay in contact easier as well as talking to family members who have moved far away or have lost contact due to the distance. The internet makes many things possible that were never possible before.

6 Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Once a students knows how to use the internet the next piece of technology that a person can learn how to use is electronic mail, e-mail for short. E-mail is a way of communicating with many people all over the world, not just your friends. E-mail is great for a business for people to keep in contact, for students to talk with their teachers when they have a question and to talk with friends without the expense of the postal service. E-mail is a great invention that changed how people communicate forever.

7 Video Chat On certain computers they can be bought with video chat or they can download video chat. Either way video chat is accessible for people who would like to use it. Video chatting is similar to using a telephone, except there is a picture of everyone’s face on the screen as you are talking. Video chat also does not require typing like an e-mail would. Video chat can be used for family members who live far away and do not want to talk on the phone, for people who are over seas for whichever reason or a very big use of video chat would be business meetings. Long distance calls are very expensive when the call is across the country. So a video chat would be a great way to see everyone’s face while they are talking and do business at the same time.

8 Smart Board The last type of technology that is used in classroom is a smart board. Teachers use smart boards in many classrooms all over the world, so if a teacher took a few minutes to explain to the classroom how the smart board worked the students could join in using the smart board. They could also join in with the activities that are being done in class especially if they are being done on the smart board itself. When students have fun learning and are able to participate in the lesson especially while using technology they have more fun and retain the information much better.

9 Global Positioning System (GPS) After technology that can be used to further their education has been taught there are a few other types of technology that can be taught to students that will help them in their lives. The first type of technology that can be taught is a global positioning system knows as (GPS). A GPS is a piece of technology that will show a person while they are driving where they are and how to get where they want to go without getting lost. Maps are a cheaper way to find where you are going, but for the technology standpoint a GPS is very helpful and less distracting for the driver who needs to figure out where they are going. A GPS is very easy to use, so with a little bit of instruction anyone can use a GPS.

10 Cell Phone The cell phone is the last type of technology that a teacher could also teach the students to use even though a cell phone would not be used in a classroom. A cell phone is a very useful tool that can be used in many different ways. A cell phone is a piece of technology that has many different types of technology in the phone itself but I will talk about the calling aspect of the cell phone. A cell phone is a phone that can be taken with a person anywhere that they want to go and they can still make a call even without the phone being plugged into the wall. A cell phone comes in handy when a person’s car breaks down or is expecting a call and is not at home to receive the call.

11 More Technology The types of technology that have been listed of just a small piece of all of the technology in this world. A teacher would teach any type of technology to a classroom, depending on what there is time for and what is allowed to be taught to the students in that district. When technology is taught to younger minds they not only retain the information better but they are more willing to try new technologies. If a teacher will take the time to teach technologies then the world would be more technology savvy and more technology would possibly be used in the world. Technology Slide Show


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