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Trends in computing- Mobile phones

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1 Trends in computing- Mobile phones
Ellie Gabbott Wildern school 4501

2 Why have I chosen this? I chose the topic of mobile phone because it’s a big part of our life and a lot of people own one. Phones have changed so much for example style e.g size, touch screen and apps.

3 Mobile phones throughout the years
I have chosen phone because they are a big part of our daily life. And technology has changes so much you can download apps, music. In the 90s this phone could only make phone calls. The mobile was not portable and there was an aerial pointing out of the top of the phone. This was the first flip phone that was smaller enough to fit in your pocket This is the phone of the future is bends onto your hand and is touch screen. The I phone was able to download apps and played music out of the speakers. The nokia phone allowed people to text. And had a game on there already called the “snake”. The I phone 6+ is the latest phone, it has been made bigger just like the 90s and the internet has been speeded up .

4 Mobile phones Maps Facetime Calling/texting Music Internet
These are only 5 different ways you can use a mobile phone These things are things that are incredibly useful to have on a phone. Instead of having a big confusing hand map, there is a quicker simpler way of using one. All you do is type in where you want to go and a woman speaks tells you the directions. This a safer way of trying to get to your destination. FaceTime has become more and more popular, you can see your friend face from all over the world and have a conversation with them. Calling has always been available on a mobile phone, but now there is texting it is a quicker, cheaper way of getting in contact with someone. Music is a useful thing to have it is allowed in schools all over the country, pupils can have it as they work to keep them on task. You only have to download the latest song and play it where ever you like. Internet is the best way on advertising a brand or getting to find something out. People believe it’s a quicker way of doing things just by typing in the question and getting the answer straight away. Maps Facetime Calling/texting Music Internet

5 What if there was no mobile phones!
Having no phone has two ways of looking at it, in someone way it’s a good thing people can spend more time with there family then on their device. But on the other hand how could you possibly live without a phone that’s connecting you to the latest gossip on social media. Here are two opinions. For 1. Mobile phones are so effective that they have replaced certain everyday objects 2. You might see less of people 3. You could fall behind on the news Against 1. You might sleep better 2. You’d stick to your appointments 3. You might see more of people

6 Legal issue due to mobile phones
Mobile phones being used whilst driving has become more of a problem. Answering one text or call can cost points on your licence and fines in some worst cases people have been killed. 1.3 million accidents are blamed due to mobile phones. For a more practical way on answering your phone in the car: 1.Use the speaker that’s provide with your phone 2. Tune your phone in with the car using Bluetooth so when you get an incoming call it will allow you to speak with out using your hands.

7 Ethical issue Mobile phones have a lot of mobile phone issues. But in my opinion taking pictures or video's without someone's permission . Photography tends to be protected by the law through copyright and moral rights. Publishing certain photographs can be restricted by privacy law. Photography of certain subject matter can be generally restricted in the interests of public morality and the protection of children. So think before taking pictures without someone's permission because you could be breaking the law.

8 Social issue 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average person's life is spent staring at their phone screen is this right? It is proven that people spend 24% of their time browsing the web, checking their social media, gaming and spending money on their apps. With phones offering alternatives for everyday object e.g torch, camera , recipes and books. With 57% of people now saying they have no need for an alarm clock and 50% of people no longer wearing watches as their mobile phone is their first choice for knowing what time it is. Mobile phone devices don’t even stop there, theses devices are even creeping into our sleeping time! there are now apps that can help you sleep. Is this right that we rely on the smart phone for everything?

9 Conclusion In my opinion mobile phones have some good ways on using them, but sometimes they can be too much. In my research I found out that some people are not wearing a watch because a phone was easier too check the time with, when before having one on your wrist was cool and handy does this mean in school there not going to teach pupils how to tell the time because our phone tells it for us ! On the other hand mobiles have good uses because it’s a quicker and easier way to get in contact with someone, rather than sending a letter an waiting days for a relpy.

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