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What do Employers Really Want? Nancy Dilthey Manager, University Relations Johnson & Johnson January 25, 2006 - CIEC.

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1 What do Employers Really Want? Nancy Dilthey Manager, University Relations Johnson & Johnson January 25, 2006 - CIEC

2 Short Answer: Employers want it all!

3 Employers Want: Top students for our openings Great partnerships with Universities Great reputation on campus Widespread knowledge of our business Pipeline of diverse candidates

4 In a perfect world… Students are: –Prepared –Diverse –Passionate –Articulate –Flexible

5 Reality for Employers: Hampered by: –Just-in-Time recruiting –Budget constraints –Limited resources –Constant change

6 Successful Partnerships Students Career Services Employers Seek guidanceLiaison / PartnerPartner / Provide Opportunities

7 Objective – We all want to help Students: Develop Strengths Differentiate Themselves Learn Keys to Success

8 Student Roadmap to Success Early college Assess your skills Utilize Campus Resources Develop Strong Resume Research Employers Getting the job Differentiate yourself Be a professional Demonstrate passion, flexibility & leadership

9 Students: Assess your skills Honest assessment Consider aptitude testing Career aspirations Personal development / strengths Develop roadmap

10 Utilize University Career Resources Career Services & Co-op Office Resume critiques Mock Interviews / videotape Company Info Sessions Career Fairs

11 Develop your resume Easy to read format Error Free Emphasizes strengths Accurate depiction Constantly update Readily available Differentiate yourself

12 Research Employers Start early Be open minded (location, industry, etc.) Look for culture fit Have a Plan “B” Network, network, network

13 Differentiate Yourself! On Campus: Look for ways to demonstrate: –Teamwork –Leadership –Campus Involvement

14 Differentiate yourself – campus: Leadership role in Student organizations Volunteering Mentoring others Secure scholarships Work closely with Professors

15 Differentiate yourself – Internship or Co-op Demonstrate your potential to company Teamwork Take initiative Professionalism: Attitude and Appearance

16 Differentiate yourself – Internship or Co-op Ask for feedback Be adaptable to change Act ethically/ responsibly Learn other areas of the company Network within your department

17 The Importance of Networking It’s never too early to start! Involvement in dept/student boards Career Fairs (volunteer/follow up) Company Presentations Seek out alums of companies

18 Networking – on job: Build a co-op community Learn about other dept’s Seek out alums – ask for advice Offer to champion company upon return to campus

19 Some Do’s: Follow chain of command/co protocol Act professional at all times Take initiative Demonstrate great teamwork Be passionate about your work “Ask” for the job

20 And, some don’ts…. Email the CEO for ANY reason Compare salaries with co-workers Trash company or co-workers Surf inappropriate web sites Be late or no-show Misuse company funds/property

21 Successful Partnerships Seek guidance Liaison / Partner Partner / Provide Opportunities StudentsCareer ServicesEmployer

22 Ways to Partner with Employers Understand their culture Flexibility Understand business needs Provide campus statistics Responsiveness

23 Creating a University Program Take stock of the following: -Budget -Hiring needs (disciplines, UG/MBA, volume, etc.) -Technology tools -Brand / reputation -Communication vehicles

24 Before You Go to Campus Do your homework What are your goals / expectations? Demands and requirements of students Advance knowledge of school Advance knowledge of campus activities Understand recruitment cycles

25 Best Practices “Top Down” approach / commitment Continuous improvement Program Flexibility Communication to University Partners/Students Utilize campus team model, inc. alums, interns Consistent presence Established target schools

26 Levels of Engagement – Who are you? RECRUIT ONLY RECRUIT PLUS STRATEGIC PARTNER

27 Levels of Engagement Recruit Only – 1 or 2x year – Fairs & Interviews Recruit Plus – Recruitment activities; plus some relationship building Strategic Partner – Full commitment to University over time. Recruitment activities plus strong partnerships, sponsorships, engagement across all levels

28 Keys to Success Know your campus Interns are your most important resource Flexibility Communication – Internal & External Evaluate Results Continuous Improvement

29 Closing Great partnerships take time Yield – top students Strong relationships with schools Stay active in the field – NACE, CEIA, Regional Assn’s, etc. Network and build relationships


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