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Good Jobs for a Good Client

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1 Good Jobs for a Good Client
By: Adam Kennedy

2 What is this project about anyway?
Well, this project is about me guiding you to a career that best suites you I will give you two career options based on a series of information that I have looked up Then I will choose the best job out of the two

3 Top 3 Choices results 1. Social- communicating with others, giving information, very personable and friendly to talk to. 2. Realistic- has good skills with tools, mechanical, or electrical drawings. 3. Enterprising- is good at leading people and selling things and ideas.

4 Career Pathways Arts and Communication
Business & Information Technology Engineering, Science & Technology Health & Human Services

5 Your Career Pathway Health and Human Services
This pathway mainly focuses on the care and well being of others It deals with injuries, diseases, and treatments of a person. Jobs such as a occupational therapist, physicians assistant, social worker, or administrator...

6 First job choice- Pediatrician
A pediatrician provides health care for young adults They plan and carry out programs to promote the mental and physical growth of each of their patients, from birth through adulthood

7 Pediatrician- Work Environment
The work environment for a pediatrician is mainly in an office building or a hospital He or she may also work in a private office

8 Pediatrician- Aptitudes/Physical Demands
In this career it takes a lot out of you and you have to spend a lot of your time during the week Students must have a passion for working with other people and go threw a long learning process to become a good pediatrician You will have to work with young adults and help them understand their situations You also need Social skills because they play a big role in the personality part of this job

9 Pediatrician- Education
In high school students must take math, chemistry, languages, and English courses In college students need to go through four years of college and at least three years of residency Most students get their bachelor’s degree

10 Pediatrician- Specialties within the Job
Some specialties within the job are anesthesiologist, dermatologist, pharmacist, and sports doctor.

11 Pediatrician- National Employment Outlook
The national employment outlook for a pediatrician is a total of 21,000 annual openings in the years of The employment change from is estimated to be 24%

12 Pediatrician- Salary$$$
The average annual earnings for a pediatrician are $117,020 a year The average hourly earning is $56.26

13 Second job choice- Sports Medicine Doctor
A sports doctor focuses on the diet and exercise programs, and monitors and helps prevent or treat sports related injuries for athletes (learn more)

14 Sports Medicine- Work Environment
Being a sports doctor involves working in an office, lab or mainly a hospital Also in surgery rooms or operation rooms

15 Sports Medicine- Aptitudes/Physical Demands
Must be able to use medical devices and use them correctly Sports medicine doctors must have a desire of working hard long hour nights and weekends Must always be punctual and polite Also they must enjoy watching sports and communicate well with patients so they know what their situation is But in the end it all pays off

16 Sports Medicine- Education
In high school it is vital to take English, math, and language classes Four years of college Four to three years of medical school At least three years of residency

17 Sports Medicine- Specialties Within the Job
Specialties within the job include an athletic trainer, physical therapist, physician, and a X-ray technician

18 Sports Medicine- Employment Outlook
The employment outlook for a sports doctor is an annual total average of 567,000 openings in the years of The employment change through is estimated at 23.8%

19 Sports Medicine- Salary$$$
The average annual earning for a sports doctor is $137,980 a year The average hourly earning is $66.33 an hour

20 Pros and Cons- Pediatrician
a pediatrician makes a lot of money Works and helps others so they can live a healthy and better life You will never be bored and you get to socialize Cons- you have to put in long hours of work It takes a long time in college to get the information you need to become successful

21 Pros and Cons- Sports Medicine
work with others Help athletes to become better and play the sports they love Make lots of money to support a family Cons- It ‘s very time consuming You have to go through a lot of courses in college to learn the information you need to know

22 The Best Career for my Client is…
Sports Medicine

23 Why Sports Medicine??? In the sports medicine field you will learn all about injuries and situations Help athletes and explain to them what they need to know to play their sport You make a descent amount of money to support your needs Socialize and use you personality Motivate others and see them succeed

24 Goals you need to set In this career you need to be personable and work well with others You have to make sure they understand their situation and the physical expectations they need to fulfill in order to get better Also make sure you have good timing and be punctual

25 How do you get this career?
Well getting this career won’t be easy First while your in high school take accelerated courses in chemistry, physics, and math Then go to a good college for four years Then four years of medical school Then at least three years of residency But all this info in college will never be wasted because once you learn all the information you can become almost anything you want in the medical field

26 How do you get this career? Continued …
You will aslo need to learn about info in muscle pulls, neck pain, shoulder impingements, lower back strain, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, shin splints, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, and arch pain Also you need to learn stretching programs and treatments You need to learn how to treat or tape ankles and other important areas such as back, shoulder or knee

27 How do you get this career? Continued …
Next after you learn everything there is to know you have to find a location for an office, or a location in a hospital Then you have to be certified So by around age 27 you will have a successful job as a sports medicine doctor. You will help future athletes develop and prosper through your guidance and training that you have learned through the long years of college

28 Summary Then chose the best career for you (sports medicine doctor)
First I introduced the choices results, which was health and human services Then I chose the two jobs (sports medicine & pediatrician) and described them Next I established the pros and cons of both Then chose the best career for you (sports medicine doctor) Finally I made a plan and an outline for you to become a successful person in that special job

29 How can I contact you? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or me: My Cell # -

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