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Career Research Project By Gabby Oyler 3 rd hour.

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1 Career Research Project By Gabby Oyler 3 rd hour

2 Background of a Veterinarian Veterinarians diagnose and treat sick or injured animals by providing medical care that includes performing surgery, prescribing medication, dressing wounds, and healing their bones. Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been interested in helping and treating different types of animals.

3 Being a Veterinarian The most important skill you must have to become a veterinarian is having passion, commitment, and well-being for every single animal. Veterinarians need to have great education in math, English, and science. You need to be able to be around people and animals along with any technology handed to you. Before continuing in the vet field, you need to be sure this is something you really want to do. Nearly 25% of all people who work in a private veterinary clinic, work more than 50 hours a week.

4 Future Lifestyle In Michigan, veterinarians tend to make between $50,480 - 141,860 a year. In the future, I would like to be able to have a pretty decent home and a family with a few pets. With that salary, I believe I would actually be able to make that lifestyle happen.

5 Location Location would never really be a problem when it comes to being a vet. There’s different locations for different types of veterinary styles. For example, companion animal veterinarians treat animals in a private clinic. Livestock veterinarians treat all farm animals. There’s also research veterinarians who work in laboratories and research any health problems going on with an animal. Veterinarians can be found almost anywhere.

6 Career Cluster/Interest Area This job falls under agriculture and natural resources. To have a job that might fall under this category, you would have to enjoy working with plants and/or animals, working with your hands, working outdoors, and caring for the environment which almost all veterinarians do.

7 Doctor Doctors treat different types of illnesses, injuries, and other physical ailments on a daily basis. Doctors can specialize in certain disease types, patients, and/or types of treatments as specialists. They can also focus on special care for individuals, families, and communities. These doctors are also known as family doctors. I’m interested in different types of treatments and medications that get prescribed.

8 What it Takes to be a Doctor In order to become a doctor, two important skills you will need to have are professionalism and empathy. Doctors are needed to help people physically in need, whether it’s a sickness, an injury, a surgery, etc. You may be handed technology that you are unfamiliar with, but need to get used to. You spend all your time being around other people, so you need to be very friendly and respectful. Doctors often work irregular and long shifts, normally being over 50 hours a week. When working in a hospital, many doctors tend to work 12+ hour shifts. They go to college anywhere from 4-8 years studying that field.

9 Future Lifestyle in the Doctor Field If I grow up and eventually become a doctor, I’m sure I’d be able to have a nice house in a great community. I would love to be able to have a nice home along with pets, a pool, and a great family. In a year, doctors are able to make anywhere from $239,000 – 258,000 which is a great amount to have a great lifestyle.

10 Changing Location? Normally, many places have hospitals and/or doctor offices that are local, so I wouldn’t need to go somewhere specific in order to work as a doctor in the medical field. If I wanted to move to California and work as a doctor, I would probably be able to find somewhere close to my house that I would be able to continue my career at.

11 Career Cluster/Interest Area This career falls under the categories such as Health Science and probably human services along with that. Doctors need to have patience, otherwise their job will become difficult to continue. With the amount of people they need to see and care for, patience is the number one characteristic needed.

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