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Consultant Quarterly Webinar Brice Green & Pete Ambriz 1/29/2014.

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1 Consultant Quarterly Webinar Brice Green & Pete Ambriz 1/29/2014

2 Agenda What’s new with Toshiba – Introducing Toshiba I-VoIP SIP Trunk Service – VIPedge Update Unified Communications Mobility The Power of Choice The Toshiba Advantage A Look Ahead to 2014 Q & A

3 Toshiba SIP Trunks Toshiba’s SIP Trunking I-VoIP Service (SIP Trunking) for on- premises IPedge and Strata CIX systems Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014

4 Toshiba SIP Trunks Integrated SIP Trunking service and equipment enables a single-vendor business telephone solution Reduces Communication Costs – Call between locations can run over an existing IP intranet to reduce long distance costs – Converges voice and data on one IP network reduces infrastructure costs Uses bandwidth more efficiently than ISDN – SIP trunks can carry either voice or data anytime – Channels are dynamically allocated between voice and data – SIP Trunking uses bandwidth efficiently to run more traffic on the same T1 Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014

5 Toshiba SIP Trunks Features Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014 Business-grade voice quality Support for occasional spikes in call volume Park/Reserve DID numbers Service Continuity – DID failover forwarding – DID forwarding Simple & ease of installation

6 VIPedge Update Simplification – 2 User Plans – Business Standard User or AA – Channels – Unlimited or Call Center – Toll Free is billed $0.039 per minute Park/Reserve DID number Service Continuity – DID failover forwarding – DID forwarding Free telephone number porting promotion

7 Quick Review Consultant Quarterly Webinar

8 Unified Communications What UC can do for you o Presence and Instant Message o Outbound dialing from any application o Call Manager® desktop call control o CRM integration and screen pops o Simultaneous Ring ‘Find-Me Follow-Me’ o Off-premises Call Forwarding o Automatic triggers and actions. o Mobile Apps o Meet-Me Conferencing and Web Collaboration o Unified Messaging o Integration with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync o Call Manager Advanced Companion Apps o Call Manager Advanced Integration with popular CRM systems.

9 Maximize the value of your Wireless LAN Wireless IP telephone handsets Call Manager with SoftIPT soft phone for your laptop PC Operates over existing Wireless LAN infrastructure Provides mobility wherever your Wireless LAN reaches Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014 Mobility

10 Additional Wireless Options Toshiba IP4100 Wireless SIP DECT Telephones Simultaneous Ringing (Twinning) of desk phone and mobile phone IPMobility (IPedge) and Call Manager Mobile (VIPedge) provides PBX call mobility via cellular network Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014 Mobility

11 Toshiba Offers the Power of Choice With Toshiba, you have the power of choice in how you deployed these advanced capabilities on… – Pure IP Cloud-Based Telephone Solution VIPedge – Pure IP On-Premise Telephone System IPedge – Digital and IP On-Premise Telephone System Strata CIX + IPedge Application Server

12 The Toshiba Advantage 135 years in telecom, top market ranking On-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions (choice and flexibility, investment protection into the future) Toshiba's migration path helps users retain their investment Ease of transitioning between products. Cloud-based telephony option (eliminates equipment purchase, predictable monthly fee, disaster recovery, easy growth single or multi- site, to 500 seats) Mobile client included free Advanced multi-media conferencing built-in and license-activated (simple, convenient, no extra equipment required) Among longest warranties in industry

13 A look ahead to 2014… Networking between VIPedge Pure IP Cloud-Based Telephone Solution to the Strata CIX and IPedge On-Premise Telephone System. Networking between VIPedge to multiple VIPedge customers. IPedge App Server in the cloud for Strata CIX. A simplified admin client for the end user. New UC Client with support of tablets, Mac OS X, and Win 8 and federation. Contact Center Applications on IPedge servers Virtualization versions of our Contact Center and IPedge software

14 Contact Us Toll-Free (800) 362-6620 M – F 7am to 4pm PT Email: Website:

15 Stay Connected

16 Toshiba TSD Confidential - 1/2014

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