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Character Analysis Essay writing.

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1 Character Analysis Essay writing

2 Choosing a topic Choose from any of the stories that we have read so far Consider that you are setting out to prove something about this will need to identify 3 character traits, discuss and analyze those traits, and then come to some conclusion about the character based on the analysis of the traits.

3 Writing the essay Characters to choose from… “Paul’s Case”
“Barn Burning” Abner Snopes Sartoris “Sarty” Snopes “A Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson “A Jury of Her Peers” Mrs. Peters (the sheriff’s wife) Mrs. Hale (the farmer’s wife) Mrs. Minnie Foster Wright (the killer) Mr. John Wright (the dead guy)

4 Paragraph 1: The Introduction
Follow ANT A: Attention grabber Consider using a quotation from the story or a line of a song lyric that reminds you of that character N: Necessary information Author’s full name, title of the story, brief plot summary T: Thesis Your thesis should consist of a topic and limiting ideas. It should NEVER be a question. It should be the last sentence of the intro paragraph. Thesis should make clear what characteristics you are writing on a what they add to the story.

5 Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: Body Body Paragraphs should follow TIQAT
T: Topic Sentence Ex: Sarty’s fear of his father keeps him loyal to the family for much of the story, despite the fact that he knows his father is breaking the law. I: Introduce Quote Give some context to the quote Who’s speaking? What are the circumstances? Q: Quote Provide a quote that supports the topic sentence A: Analysis After the quote, spend two or three sentences discussing how this quote proves that the character displays this trait T: Transition Us a sentence to transition into a SECOND quote for support After 2nd quote, provide context and analysis. Then transition to next paragraph

6 Paragraph 5: The Conclusion
Reword your thesis Tie all three character traits together Tell the reader the significance or importance of the ideas you have been analyzing Clincher: Try to end the paper with a short sentence that reinforces your argument Maybe include words from attention grabber or title to give closure to your paper

7 Analyzing Character Traits
Consider the following when analyzing your character Appearance and Name List the direct characterization of the character’s appearance. Then analyze how the appearance helps to develop the character Actions List actions of the character. Then analyze how those actions define the character. Speech List some relevant dialogue that helps to define your character

8 Analyzing Character Traits
Thoughts and Feelings List thoughts and feelings of character and determine how these define the character Choices List the choices made by your character. These reveal the character’s value and self concept Past/Biography Examine family history or past experiences of character Comments What do other character’s say about your character? What does that reveal?

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