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Formal Essay Writing English 1DI Summative Assignment Weighting: 14%

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1 Formal Essay Writing English 1DI Summative Assignment Weighting: 14%

2 The Task You will write a 5 paragraph essay You will choose from several topics on The Hunger Games

3 Essay Structure We will begin by looking at the structure of a 5 paragraph literary essay: Introduction + thesis (last sentence) Body paragraph one Body paragraph two Body paragraph three Concluding paragraph

4 Introduction Moves from general to specific Provides “hook” for reader Introduces work, author and topic to be discussed Introduction narrows to a specific point of argument (THESIS) GENERAL SPECIFIC

5 Your Thesis Statement: Must be absolutely clear Must be specific and concise (don’t use unnecessary words) Must outline the three aspects of your topic that you will be discussing

6 Body Paragraphs (3) Each body paragraph develops ONE aspect of thesis statement Each one will begin with a topic sentence Body sentences will use point, proof, discussion method Use 2-4 points, backed up with quotations from the novel and discussion End with a concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph Use transition words to connect points Use linking words in either the topic or concluding sentences to link paragraphs together

7 Conclusion Moves from specific to general Restates thesis in original way Offers no new information Concludes by relating topic to the human condition, ending on a thoughtful note (a general comment that relates the novel and essay topic to the human condition) GENERAL SPECIFIC

8 Let’s get started! Let’s take the following topic: In The Hunger Games, different characters represent different values. What value or attitude does the character Gale represent in the novel? Brainstorm some values or attitudes that he stands for

9 Now, in your groups, create a point, proof and discussion What attitude or value does Gale represent? Give an example from the novel (use a quotation) Discussion: what is significant about this example? What does the example show about Gale?

10 Things to consider: What a character says (speech) What a character does (action) What a character thinks (thoughts) What others say about him/her The character’s appearance and surroundings

11 Developing Point, Proof, Discussion Make a point With an introduction (eg. speaker, context), give a quotation that proves your point (use proper citation format) Discuss the significance of this trait, in light of your proof

12 Sample Point, Proof, Discussion for Gale Point: Gale represents an attitude of rebellion in The Hunger Games, which is noticeable right from the start of the novel. Proof: For example, when he and Katniss are hunting in the woods, before the reaping, he suggests that they “Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You [Katniss] and I, we could make it” (9). Discussion: Already at the beginning of the story Gale is considering running away from the starving, Capitol-controlled district 12 that he lives in.

13 Things to consider when using quotations from a text: Give a context for the quote (eg. At what point in the story does the quote appear?) Tell who is speaking (if it is dialogue) Introduce the quote with your own words Put quotation marks around the exact quote If there is dialogue and narration within the quote, put single quotes around the dialogue Eg. “Gale said, ‘We could… leave the district’” (9).

14 Some of your points, proofs, discussions: Gale is rebellious toward the government when he goes hunting in the woods. Katniss and Gale always go hunting “in the meadow” and they “bring their catches to the black market” and bring food home for their families. Gale doesn’t follow the rules and he laughs about it behind the peacekeepers backs.

15 Another sample from this class: Gale shows an attitude of rebellion when they are in the woods hunting and Gale mimics Effie Trinket. “Suddenly he falls into a Capitol accent as he mimics Effie Trinket, the maniacally upbeat woman who arrives every year to read out the names at the reaping.” By mimicking Effie Trinket, he is making fun of the Hunger Games, showing that he has no respect for the Capital.

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