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Brand Consultants – Ben Redgell & Marcus Pringle Branding.

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1 Brand Consultants – Ben Redgell & Marcus Pringle Branding

2 Agenda Defining Our Brand  Our target audience  Mission Statement  Our unique selling point  What consumers already think of our company  What qualities do we want consumers to associate with our company Brand Elements  Logo  The ‘voice’ of our company  Tagline  Templates and brand standards for marketing materials  Advertising

3 Defining Our Brand

4 Our target audience  Our target audience are air-show event organisers  A specialist market meaning we will need limited marketing and can rely quite heavily on our current company reputation  The 2014 convention run by the European air- show council will be a good place to promote our new insurance product

5 Our company’s mission


7 ARMA is committed to providing the best personalised insurance in a wide range of sectors. We seek to work alongside our customer to help create the best package for them, offering them the best protection available. Our aim is to be efficient, understanding and concise when working with our customers, whilst delivering competitive prices.

8  Personalisation – We offer customers the opportunity to personalise their insurance package to their event  Customer care – Loyal to customers, offering the best prices possible Our Unique Selling Point

9 What consumers already think of our company  We already offer a number of insurance products including car and house insurance  We aim to be efficient, understanding and concise What qualities we want consumers to associate with our company  Efficient  Understanding  Concise  Professional

10 Brand Elements

11 Logo analysis  Emphasis on one colour, mostly blues and greens  Simple, bold fonts  Simple graphics if used  Graphics often central to the core concept of the business

12 Logo ideas  Use limited number of colours  Simple, professional looking font  Incorporation of a shield  Name of the company clearly displayed  Make it applicable to the company as a whole, not just air-show event insurance

13 Our logo

14 The ‘voice’ of our company  Formal – Customers must know we are professional when dealing with their enquires to ensure they feel protected  Concise – Give customers advice and information without using vague terminology or ambiguous statements  Focus on the customer – We want the customer to know that they are the most important element in their  Consistent – No matter what medium we are communicating in (letter, website, phone etc.), we must ensure the same tone and approach is being used

15 Tagline Shielding your assets Ensuring you are insured Safe, secure protection Safely landing you on the ground Making you fly high above the rest

16 Templates and brand standards Brand Standards  Our logo must be clearly visible on everything we produce  The ‘voice’ of our company should be consistent to maintain professionalism  Use blue when creating elements for our business to make branding consistent

17 Twitter - @ARMAInsurance Twitter  Allows consumers to contact us directly with ease through another communication channel  Is another platform to promote new products and existing services

18 Website –

19 Advertising  Very niche market meaning advertising will be limited  Attend the 2014European Airshow Convention and promote our insurance using a stall  Adverts in aviation magazines  When planning our advertising we need to consider: Timing, budget, competitive environment, target audience, geographical focus, campaign objectives

20 Any Questions? To find a copy of this presentation, please visit:

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