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Introduction to Advertising

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1 Introduction to Advertising

2 Advertising is: Paid, Nonpersonal Communication From An Identified Sponsor Using Mass Media to Persuade or Influence an Audience.

3 Functions of advertising
Stimulates Demand Builds Brand Image Develops Brand Preference Competitive Weapon Helps to identify products & differentiate them from others

4 Marketing Mix Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion

5 Promotion mix Promotion Personal Selling Sales Promotion Publicity
Direct Marketing Advertising

6 Classification of advertising
Advertising to Consumers: Classified Advertising Display Advertising Local Advertising National Advertising

7 Classification of advertising
2. Advertising to Business & Profession: Trade Advertising Industrial/B2B Advertising Professional Advertising 3. Non-Product Advertising: Idea Advertising Service Advertising Political Advertising

8 Classification of advertising
4. Others: A) Primary Demand Advertising B) Selective Demand Advertising C) Surrogate Advertising

9 IMC (Integrated marketing communication)
With Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), the Company Carefully Integrates and Coordinates Its Many Communications Channels to Deliver a Clear, Consistent, and Compelling Message About the Organization and Its Product or Service.

10 Reasons for growing importance of Imc
Shift from media advertising to other forms of marketing communication Increasing importance of branding Rapid growth of internet Demand for greater ad agency accountabilty

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