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Joseph Turner, Jacob Helm, Travis Welsh, and Ryan Purk.

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1 Joseph Turner, Jacob Helm, Travis Welsh, and Ryan Purk

2 Friar- Gives Juliet the vile to make her look dead to others Paris- Is the man to marry Juliet Juliet- She is to marry Paris but has already married Romeo Nurse- She is the women who takes care of Juliet Capulet- Juliet’s father, very controlling Lady Capulet- Juliet’s mother

3 Scene 1: The setting takes place in Friar Laurence’s cell where Juliet asks the Friar for a way out of the marriage. Scene 2: Scene 2 takes place in a hall in the Capulet house where Lady Capulet and the Nurse are talking about the marriage. Scene 3: Scene 3 takes place in Juliet’s chamber where Juliet takes the sleeping potion.

4 Scene 4: Scene 4 takes place once again, in a hall in the Capulet’s house where the Nurse is about to check on Juliet. Scene 5: Scene 5 takes place in Juliet’s chamber, again where they find Juliet and they think she’s dead.

5 Scene 1: Friar Laurence and Paris meet with each other, to talk of Juliet and Paris’ marriage. Juliet enters and asks Friar for a confession, and forces Paris to leave. Juliet threatens to kill herself if Friar can’t come up with a solution to her problems. Friar gives her a sleeping potion and instructs her to fake her death while in the meantime; Friar sends word to Romeo of his plan. Scene 2: Juliet “agrees” with her father about her marrying Paris. Juliet’s father is overjoyed moves the wedding to a day closer.

6 Scene 3: Lady Capulet wishes Juliet good night. When her mother leaves, she takes the potion and goes into her coma. Scene 4: The Capulet's are finishing preparing for Juliet’s wedding. They instruct the nurse to go and awake Juliet. Scene 5: The nurse enters and awakes Juliet. After trying for several minutes, the Nurse declares that Juliet is dead. Friar Laurence is called to check and see if Juliet is truly dead. Peter asks the band to play a happy song to “put his sad heart at ease.” The band doesn’t do as he asks.

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