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Home Theater Bringing together your audience and your clients….face-to-face.

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1 Home Theater Bringing together your audience and your clients….face-to-face.

2 Home Theater Concept: Audience members take survey about their interests in Home Theaters/Audio for Home/Office/Car. Survey respondents are entered to win a Home Theater-related prize. Interested survey respondents are invited to a private event at the sponsor location. At the event, the retailer/sponsor shows off their Home Theater products and services, answers questions, provides special giveaways, food/drink and grand prize giveaway. Audience and Clients…Face-to-Face

3 Execute: Anytime, to coincide with a Big TV Event Sell To: 1 Sponsor Potential Clients: Electronics retailers Home theater retailers/services Home audio retailers Furniture stores Builds Database: Drives website traffic, drives people to register for your database Unifies Data: Identifies segment of your database interested in Home Theater equipment and services Home Theater

4 Campaign: Targeted to identify and reach consumers interested in Home Theater products via a Home Theater survey. Host the respondents at a private event to spotlight your business/services. Emails: You will be featured in emails to our audience inviting them to participate in the Home Theater survey. Your email invitation sent for the private event at your location to all opted-in contest participants. Social: Your business may receive new Likes on your Facebook page. You’ll be featured on our Facebook page and we’ll encourage participants to Share the contest in their own Facebook feed. Web: You will be highlighted on the Home Theater survey page including your info/logo/event details/link/coupon/offer. Product Sampling: Feature your products/services and get face-to-face contact with highly qualified potential customers at the private event. Home Theater

5 Audience and Clients…Face-to-Face

6 You Receive Logo/link/client/location/contact info on Home Theater survey page on website. Ability to have 2-3 questions specific to your business in the Home Theater survey. Inclusion on emails to database members about Home Theater survey who opted-in with logo/client info/link to website Opportunity to put coupon/offer on the page that comes up after people take the survey online. Opportunity to host event at our location/your location with audience members interested in Home Theater products. Opportunity to build Facebook Likes with Facebook Like Gate question on survey page On-air/in-print mention as sponsor of Home Theater survey/event Mention on Social Media postings as sponsor of Home Theater survey/event You Provide Location for private event for our audience or products/staff to bring to our location Prizes to give away to survey participants and people attending the event Special offer/discount to promote to people who take the survey Promotion of the contest & event on your website/social media sites/emails Input on the survey questions to identify the right people to invite to the event Promotional Value: $ ______ Your Investment: $ _______

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