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Using Population Pyramids for Critical Thinking 重要认为在教室.

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1 Using Population Pyramids for Critical Thinking 重要认为在教室

2 AMERICA TODAY  Population pyramids show the age and sex of a population.  http://www.census.go v/ipc/www/idb/inform ationGateway.php http://www.census.go v/ipc/www/idb/inform ationGateway.php  Source for population pyramids: US Census Bureau

3  Population pyramids can tell you a country’s development level.  They can show you the effects of crisis, war or disease.  They can show the effects of government policy.  Geographical movement patterns like immigration can be seen.  Education levels and health care can be determined.  A society’s main problems can be seen.

4  We will look at China today and then China in 2050.  Look at when the population grows fast and then shrinks. Think about why.  Look at the male/female differences and the ages where the differences are the biggest. Think about why.



7  How is China’s population changing?  What can one learn about China by looking at these pyramids?  Predict some issues that will happen because of changes in the Chinese population?  Why are some population ages so much bigger than others?  What male/female trends do you see and what affect will this have? Justify  What would the pyramid look like if there had been no one child policy?  Do you agree with the predicted population for 2050? Justify your reasoning.

8  Population pyramids can tell us a lot about history. Let’s look at Cambodia and see how historical events relate to the pyramids.




12  Japan is a very developed country with long life expectancy and really low birth rates. Look at the next two pyramids and think about what kinds of major problems Japan has in its future.



15  What major problems will Japan have with its aging population?  What should the Japanese government do now to help plan for a future with an aging population? Justify.  What does this say about Japan’s health care?  What are likely changes needed for retirement in Japan?  How can so few young people support a society with so many older people?  What steps can Japan take to change this trend? (possible solutions could be birth incentives or allowing immigration.)

16  Many African countries have pyramids that represent problems but for reasons opposite of Japan. Look at the pyramids for Niger and think about the issues it has presently and in the future.



19  What does the extreme birth and death rates tell you about the country?  What problems might Niger have with such a high growth rate?  How does geography make Niger’s problems even more severe?  How can a society with so few old people support so many young people?  What should Niger do to fix these issues? Justify  Should other more developed countries step in to help a country like Niger? Explain and justify.

20 What can you tell about this American City? Source:

21  For assistance in setting up an activity in your classroom, please contact:  Dustin Alexander   I would be happy to collaborate with you in getting the best possible assignment for your class!

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