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Teacher Certification & University Program Accreditation Lynn Steffen Illinois State University

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1 Teacher Certification & University Program Accreditation Lynn Steffen Illinois State University

2 Accreditation NCATE National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Unit Review and program review Illinois State Board of Education

3 NCATE Accreditation Unit – All Teacher Education Conceptual Framework ISU – “Realizing The Democratic Ideal” Must be evident through the standards 6 Standards NCATE Handout – “NCATE Unit Standards” ISU Handout – “University Wide Teacher Education”

4 NCATE Accreditation Program Evaluation 34 ISU Programs Undergraduate and Graduate Level Specialty professional associations (SPA) standards. Science Program SPA: National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

5 New SPA Requirements State licensure examinations of content knowledge At least one additional assessment of content knowledge An assessment of candidate ability to plan instruction, or (for non-teaching fields) to fulfill identified professional responsibilities The evaluation of clinical practice; and An assessment that demonstrates candidate effect on student learning, or (for non-teaching fields) the ability to create supportive learning environments.

6 Illinois State Board of Ed Adopted NCATE Standards State Standards for All Teachers Language Arts Technology Special Education Programs might have additional state standards to address

7 Certification Institution reports completion of entitlement program Student must also pass APT test Physic Majors Type 09 Initial Secondary Certificate Science Endorsement – physic designation

8 New Certification Students meet core science standards plus standards for at least 1 specialization First certificate Completion of approved program Passage of relevant content test

9 New Certification For someone holding a cert with different endorsements (non-science) Pass relevant content test Institution recommendation based on completing an approved program OR Evidence of having 32 semester hours, at least 12 hours in desired designation and portion of remaining hours must address at least 2 other areas within the field

10 New Certification Adding another designation Passing the applicable content test, OR Completing a major in the content area of desired designation

11 New Certification No Child Left Behind Influence Holder of science may teach any science subject, except AP or “honors” and be highly qualified Must have appropriate designation for honors or AP classes to be highly qualified

12 New Certification Individuals who hold old certificates may receive new certificate Pass content test for designation sought Can then add other designations by passing appropriate content tests

13 ISBE Certification Division Dennis Williams, Division Administrator State Board of Education Brenda J. Holmes – Governors Office Brenda J. Holmes

14 New Certification Rules The following web addresses provide you with a document from the state that gives endorsement rules: ges.pdf (PDF Format) ges.doc (Word Format) Don't be fooled about the title of the document. You will find the certification and endorsement information within this document.

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