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What’s new in the accreditation standards for TSPC programs.

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1 What’s new in the accreditation standards for TSPC programs

2 NCATE and TSPC standards O TSPC requires PAR (Program Approval Reports) O Every NCATE program and TSPC program O DUE to TSPC Fall 2014 with three years of data and documented data-based improvements O GSE will write one Institutional Report for NCATE O Will address standards 1-6 O Will contain PARs as exhibits O Will have addendum for TSPC specific standards O IR = Winter 2015 O Visit = Fall 2015

3 Timeline Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 Fall 2015 Program Assessment Data Collection and Review TSPC Program Approval reports due NCATE Institutional Report due NCATE visit Winter 2015 Spring 2014

4 NCATE/TSPC Standards 1-2 1. Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions a. Content, Pedagogical, Professional knowledge b. Focus on student learning c. Dispositions 2. Assessment 1. There is a unit-wide assessment system 2. The unit systematically collects and uses data for program improvement

5 NCATE/TSPC Standards 3-4 3. Field Experience and Clinical Practice a. Is collaborative with the school b. Reflects the GSE conceptual framework c. Is a chance to demonstrate knowledge, skills, dispositions 4. Diversity a. Curriculum and experiences b. Candidates work with diverse faculty, diverse peers, and diverse P-12 students

6 NCATE/TSPC Standards 5-6 5. Faculty Qualifications, Performance and Development a. Qualified faculty b. Teaching, scholarship, service c. Faculty productivity and professional development 6. Unit Governance and Resources a. Leadership and authority b. Budget, personnel, facilities, resources

7 TSPC specific standards O Standard 4 (See handout) (See handout) O Curriculum O Field Experiences

8 Reflecting on Diversity standards O In what course/s or experience/s are these concepts addressed? O What evidence could be provided to demonstrate each of these standards? O Field experience structure O Syllabi/coursework O Student assessment data O Other

9 Next Steps O The diversity data for each program will be summarized as an addendum to the IR. O Diversity work is important to the GSE and each program; most programs will find they already do a lot of this. O What supports could help you develop evidence for each of these areas? O What additional information would you like to have about the accreditation process?

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