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Preparing for NCATE October 22-26, 2005 Weber State University’s Teacher Preparation Program.

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1 Preparing for NCATE October 22-26, 2005 Weber State University’s Teacher Preparation Program

2 NCATE 2005 Visit Schedule WSU Teacher Education Governance NCATE Standards Teacher Education Program Standards Documents for Exhibit Room and Website.

3 NCATE 2005 Visit Schedule

4 Saturday, October 22  Institutional Orientation to Exhibit Room  Presentation by the Unit Sunday, October 23  Review Document Room  Dinner/Presentation with University/Public School Representatives  Team Meeting in Hotel Workroom Monday, October 24  Individual or Group Interviews Tuesday, October 25  Individual or Group Interviews Wednesday, October 26  BOE Team Meeting in Hotel Workroom  Exit Interview

5 WSU Teacher Education Governance

6 University Council on Teacher Education Established in Spring 2002 as an administrative standing committee to coordinate the teacher education program across campus. Ensures ongoing communication between colleges/departments that contribute to the preparation of teachers. Approves all curriculum and policy changes that relate to the teacher education program. Provides advisement and recommendations about assessment, clinical practice, field experience, and other program practices. Assists in preparation for NCATE visits

7 Membership College of Education (4, including Dean and TE Chair, both non-voting) College of Arts and Humanities (2) College of Science (2) College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2) College of Applied Sciences and Technology (1) Academic Affairs (non-voting) School District Representative Education Student Senator

8 NCATE Standards

9 NCATE Standards (con’t) Conceptual Framework (precondition) Part I: Candidate Performance  Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions  Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

10 NCATE Standards (con’t) Part II: Unit Capacity  Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice  Standard 4: Diversity  Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development  Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources

11 Teacher Education Program Standards (INTASC)

12 INTASC Standards Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards are the standards for licensure adopted by states across the country, including Utah. Adopted by NCATE as the basis for all Specialized Professional Association (SPA) standards The Unit has adopted these standards as the standards for the Teacher Preparation program at WSU.

13 The Ten INTASC Standards #1: Knowledge of Subject Matter #2: Knowledge of Human Development and Learning #3: Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs #4: Multiple Instructional Strategies #5: Classroom Motivation and Management Skills #6: Communication Skills #7: Instructional Planning Skills #8: Assessment and Student Learning #9: Professional Commitment and Responsibility #10: Partnerships

14 Documents for Exhibit Room and Website ( /accreditation/)

15 Documents to Collect from Faculty Short Vita  THANK YOU ( new faculty, watch for an email) Syllabi (Fall 05)  Need to reflect Conceptual Framework and research base Scholarship and Presentations  Selected examples from the last 5 years Samples of Candidate Work  Portfolios, videos, projects, unit plans, etc.  Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 Due to Monica Mize by September 15, 2005!

16 Where Are We Now? NCATE BOE Team assigned Waiting for Responses from NCATE on SPA program reports Working on remaining program reports for State NCATE steering committee making final preparations for visit Institutional Report will be complete August 29 BOE Chair Pre-visit August 31-September 1 Website built and continues to be updated Database reports are being created and run Document collection almost complete Exhibit Room will be set up during September

17 The accreditation of Weber State University’s Teacher Education Programs is a university wide accreditation How can we assist you in the preparation process ?

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